Jenni Rivera: the failed love that could never be

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Jenni Rivera She had a life full of controversies and scandals that followed her until the last minute and in matters of love she could not be the exception. She was married three times, the first of which was José Trinidad, the father of her first three children; then love was sworn with Juan López and finally with Esteban Loaiza, although there was a failed love that could never be.

It is believed that this other man was one of the greatest loves in the life of the Great Lady and according to Mexican media reports responds to the name of Fernando Ramirez. They met in 2003 when he was 23 years old and he was a promoter of a radio station in Los Angeles and although there would be a lot of love in the couple, the relationship did not go further from there.

Jenni Rivera He was 10 years older than his boyfriend, but that was not the problem, but the addictions that “the bald man” had. The singer later called him “Fernie” affectionately and is believed to have been responsible for taking Jenni into the depths of her own sexuality and “introducing” him to marijuana, as she herself described in her autobiographical book.

So far some rumors indicate that the famous singer was about to leave everything for Esteban Loaiza, her third husband. It is believed that she herself made a call to warn him that if he asked her to marry him, he would give up marrying the former baseball player, but that request never came and she continued with her life.

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Years after the tragic death of Jenni Rivera In a plane crash in Mexico, “Fernie” announced the launch of his musical career. Thus he released a first single entitled “Don’t say anything about me” and in the middle of the promotion he assured that the Diva de la Banda was much more than his lover and called her “a great friend”.


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