Jenni Rivera’s clan divided by her son’s explosive statements

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Johnny lopez, the youngest son of the deceased Jenni Rivera He broke the silence with the American media to tell all about the audit he requested of his mother’s company. In one of the most tense moments in the clan, Johnny assured that he or his brothers have never received the financial statements, which set off his uncle Juan.

During an explosive interview he gave Johnny To the “El Gordo y la Flaca” program, he assured that his aunt Rosie, who has worked as executor of Jenni Rivera’s assets, had to submit annual reports on the company’s accounting. However, given this alleged breach, the five heirs decided to request an audit.

“It is not an audit, it is an accounting of the companies so my mother’s will says, it says that we should receive an accounting at the end of each year, but we have never received anything,” he said. As soon as the interview came to light, within the clan of Jenni Rivera tensions increased and Juan rivera He replied through the networks.

Through an extensive video that he shared on his channel YouTube He harshly criticized his nephews about how they handled the situation and the way they treated Rosie. In her opinion, no matter what is stipulated in her sister’s will, her children would be confident to ask Rosie for a general review.

Finally, the brother of Jenni Rivera He asked not to believe everything that is said about his sister’s will or his sister’s companies, because the best thing, he said, will always be to verify what the Great Lady left “in handwriting”. “If you really want to base yourself on the truth, on transparency, on clarity, take out the will and everything comes out there,” he added.

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