Jennifer Aniston came to Friends ruining another series

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It is a fact. HBO Max finally reached Latin America and Friends It is one of the emblematic series that you can already see on the platform. And if we talk about its cast, we have to make a point and apart to talk about Jennifer Aniston, one of its protagonists. It is true that sFew actors manage to establish themselves as true Hollywood legends, and she did. The interpreter is one of the most requested and respected stars in the Industry since she was signed by NBC to play Rachel Green.

Even though before reaching Friends Jennifer Aniston She was already beginning to make a name for herself on the small screen, her passage through the series was what catapulted her to international fame. However, their contract did not emerge like the rest of the cast, rather it was in a somewhat competitive way.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green. Photo: (IMDB)

It is that, at the beginning of 1994, NBC was in desperation to obtain the missing personage for his series that, at that time took the name of Friends Like Us. And, once the focus is on the Jennifer Aniston 25, they ran into a problem: He was under contract with CBS starring in Muddling Through.

However, the original string of Friends was clear that Aniston was going to be the next novelty, so they reached an agreement with their competitors. After much negotiation, both production companies decided that the actress could film the first six chapters of Friends, but if it remained in force in Middling Through.

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So much so that the head of NBC programming set out to sabotage the fiction that was stealing from his great star. Getting higher ratings in rating, Friends completely beat the other series, which was dropped instantly Y Jennifer Aniston He had no choice but to stick with this comedy that was a boom for his career.

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