Jennifer Aniston moved by the confession of one of her colleagues in “Friends”

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The reunion chapter of “Friends” left more than one memorable moment for fans, as well as heartfelt statements like those of Matthew Perry about their infighting. The actor who gave life to Chandler Bing He confessed to experiencing terrible episodes of anxiety as part of the pressures of his character, which moved Jennifer Aniston, who regretted not helping him in time.

The 52-year-old star was a guest on the morning show Today where he did a kind of “Mea Culpa” about not living up to the situation his partner was experiencing. “I thought I was going to die if they didn’t laugh, I started to sweat and they gave me seizuresPerry confessed with a visibly affected face in the meeting televised by HBO Max.

As he let out his feelings, Lisa Kudrow He replied, “You never told us about it,” while he replied, “Oh yeah, that’s how I felt every night.” In the images you can see Jennifer Aniston by his side comforting him, although in the last interview the actress spoke about her co-star’s problems.

He did not understand the level of anxiety and self-torture that Matthew Perry carried (…) and how devastated he felt. It makes a lot of sense, ”he said. Jennifer Aniston as he passed through the show. Also, she made a comparison of how different it felt to her and to Matthew Perry, since in his case it was “the best moment of (his) life”, but it was not the same with everyone.

“I had so many beautiful moments in my life, but that was such an (outstanding) experience as a group on a creative level and because of how it affected the careers of each one of us,” added the actress who is preparing to premiere the second season of “The Morning Show ”. Jen is the first of the six to speak about it.


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