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Jennifer Aniston Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photo with Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston has given fans their first sneak peek behind the scenes of The Morning Show Season 4 as production kicks off.

In a recent social media post, Aniston offered a glimpse of the table read for the new season of the popular Apple TV+ series.

“Let The Morning Show Season 4 games begin. Here we come,” Aniston captioned an Instagram post featuring a photo of herself, Reese Witherspoon, and Tig Notaro.

The star also shared a picture of the script for the season’s first episode, titled “My Roman Empire.” This episode is penned by Zender Lehmann and Charlotte Stoudt and will be directed by Mimi Leder.

Additionally, the new season of The Morning Show will see the arrival of Jeremy Irons, who is set to play the role of Alex Levy’s (Aniston) father. Other returning cast members include Marion Cotillard, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman, and Greta Lee.

The Morning Show is known for weaving real-life events into its narrative. With the upcoming presidential election, many have speculated whether the show will address it. In a recent discussion with Deadline, Duplass commented on this possibility.

“My assumption is that we’re going to be airing the show well after that election has happened,” Duplass stated. “So my instinct is that while The Morning Show does chase current events, and we have historically, in the past, with the #MeToo movement and Covid, and everything that happened with women’s rights in Season 3, I don’t know that the election is even possible to chase, just with the logistical timeline of it.”

Source: Deadline