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Jennifer Garner ‘Has No Choice’ But to Mend Affleck and Lopez’s ‘Broken Relationship’

Jennifer Garner is determined to help her ex-husband Ben Affleck through challenging times as rumors circulate that he’s headed for a divorce from his current wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Garner, who shares three children—Violet, 18, Fin, 15, and Samuel, 12—with the Batman actor, has been visiting him frequently. A source mentioned, “The last thing in the world Jen wants to do is pick up the pieces of Ben and J. Lo’s broken relationship, but she has no choice. That’s why she’s spending so much time with Ben… he’s close to his breaking point.”
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorced in 2018. mega

Further elaborating, the source added, “People close to Ben have been concerned about him for some time. He’s in a bad place and has been isolating. Jen’s opening up to friends like never before about it, explaining why she’s been so involved lately and is often seen visiting Ben. She wants to finally share her side of the story.”
Ben Affleck is reportedly living apart from wife Jennifer Lopez. mega

Another insider added that the Alias actress always had her “doubts” about Affleck and Lopez’s rekindled relationship. “She says her biggest concern is Ben spiraling worse than before. She won’t let that happen,” the insider shared. “Jen’s moved on from Ben as a husband, but because of the children they share, she’ll always feel responsible for him.”
Ben Affleck has been living at a Brentwood rental for roughly two months, per a source. mega

As previously reported, Garner is worried that her ex’s alleged marital problems could harm his sobriety. “Jen has a bit of a savior complex. She’ll sacrifice her own needs to make sure Ben’s OK,” another source noted. “She helped him get sober before. She feels it’s her duty to keep him that way.”
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in 2022. mega

Affleck and Lopez first sparked rumors that their marriage was on the rocks earlier this year when they hadn’t been photographed together for some time. It was later revealed that the couple had been living separately, with Affleck residing in a Brentwood rental for the past two months.

Late last month, Affleck was spotted moving his belongings out of the Beverly Hills mansion he purchased with the “On the Floor” singer.

Despite the rumors, neither Affleck nor Lopez has publicly commented on the status of their relationship.

The sources who discussed Garner’s efforts to support Affleck spoke with Life & Style.

Source: Life & Style