Who was Jennifer Hernandez?

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Jennifer Hernandez, one of the most popular bodybuilders in the US, died suddenly in 2020 at 58. This lady is often considered an inspiration among women who lead others toward a healthy lifestyle and athletes. The death of this wonderful woman came as an initial shock when it was disclosed on 24 th October 2021. She was recently seen competing in the 2021 Tampa Pro contest of IFBB. It was surprising; many people first believed it was just a rumor that often happens with celebrities. But, the initial shock was over, and sadly, in 2021, we lost another amazing athlete.

But who was Jennifer Hernandez in reality? What was the story behind such a powerful woman’s rise in competitive bodybuilding and athletics? Here are all the details that you need to know about her.

Jennifer Hernandez Early Life

Jennifer was born on 24th August 1963 in Miami, United States. She completed her schooling at a local school in her neighborhood. Later she also enrolled in a local Miami University to complete her graduation. She comes from a well-to-do African-American family. Her father was a businessman, and her mother was a housewife. As a private person, Jennifer never publicly revealed her parents’ names. But, it is known that she enjoyed a close bond with them. Her Instagram account says that she has a sister Jennifer Dorie, who is also a famous bodybuilder.

Despite her young age, she was already a grandmother! Nothing is known about her husband as she did not disclose his identity and profession.

Jennifer with her daughter and sister

Her instagram account proves that she has at least two granddaughters, from her only daughter Madame Carlotta. She often posted pictures with her granddaughters, one of them being Nordia Matthews. Jennifer also had a pet dog named chole, which she loved dearly.

Jennifer with her granddaughter

She was a good athlete during her school days and showed a close affinity for bodybuilding from her high school. Jennifer started to pursue bodybuilding as a serious career option after entering college.

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Jennifer in one of her workout sessions

Her career as a member of IFBB

Jennifer Hernandez first appeared in the 2005 Eastern USA Championship and secured 5th place in the Figure C department. The next year, she won two titles in the same competition- first position in the Figure C section and NPC figure all over the winner.After that, she earned her Pro Card in 2009 and only competed as a Pro female bodybuilder in international and prestigious national contests.

Hernandez at her last Tampa Pro contest

She became an international sensation when she appeared in the 2014 Tampa Pro Championships and secured 7th Rank in the IFBB physique section. She was again seen in the 2016 Tampa Pro championship and got 16th rank in the IFBB Physique section.

Jennifer at Tampa Bay Pro

Competitions and career achievements of Jennifer Hernandez


  • Eastern USA Championships – NPC, Figure C, 5th


  • Eastern USA Championships – NPC, Figure C, 1st
  • Eastern USA Championships – NPC, Figure Overall Winner
  • New York Metro Championships – NPC, Figure C, 5th


  • Central American and Caribbean Championships – IFBB, Figure Tall, 3rd


  • Arnold Amateur – IFBB, Figure F, 2nd
  • Junior USA – NPC, Figure F, 7th
  • USA Championships – NPC, Figure F, 9th


  • Junior Nationals – NPC, Figure F, 5th
  • Junior USA – NPC, Figure F, 2nd
  • Masters Nationals – NPC, Figure 45+ B, 1st
  • Masters Nationals – NPC, Figure F, 1st


  • Battle of Champions – IFBB, Figure, 8th
  • Jacksonville Pro – IFBB, Figure, Did not place
  • New York Pro Championships – IFBB, Figure, Did not place
  • Phoenix Pro – IFBB, Figure, Did not place


  • Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, Figure, 5th
  • New York Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 9th
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  • Pittsburgh Pro – IFBB, Masters Physique 35+, 4th
  • Pittsburgh Pro – IFBB, Masters Physique 45+, 3rd
  • Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 7th


  • New York Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 3rd
  • Olympia – IFBB, Physique, Did not place
  • Puerto Rico Pro Championships – IFBB, Masters Physique, 1st
  • Puerto Rico Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 3rd
  • Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Masters Physique, 1st
  • Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 4th


  • New York Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 5th
  • Puerto Rico Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 6th
  • Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 7th


  • Karina Nascimento Pro – IFBB, Physique, 10th
  • Puerto Rico Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 9th


  • Chicago Pro Championships – IFBB, Physique, 13th


  • Tampa Pro – IFBB, Physique, 16th(Last)

What was the life goal of Jennifer Hernandez?

 As a health and fitness enthusiast, Jennifer Hernandez has a strong mission to encourage people to lead healthy lives. Her website is a true example of her vision and mission.

There, her words were written in a heartfelt way-

“My mission is to motivate and inspire our current and future generations by providing knowledge about good nutrition, staying active, and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

I am committed to helping in the fight against obesity, especially in children.

I want to share my journey and experiences as a professional competitor to help inspire those that want to make a change and live life to their fullest potential.

Let’s make positive changes and live healthy, happy, and successful life.

I am inspired by the desire to inspire you!!!

Jennifer Hernandez”

She regularly posted blogs and articles on her website to inspire people to work harder towards achieving optimal fitness for a healthy life.

She was also active on social media and regularly interacted with her fans and upcoming bodybuilders to inspire and guide them.

What was the cause of her death?

Jennifer Hernandez’s family did not make any official announcement after her sad demise. But, her close friend and fellow Pro bodybuilders revealed the news on their social media handles to show their condolence.

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Bob Cicherillo said, “Jennifer Hernandez, the “Mayor of Miami”…universally known as SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!! You’ve left us way too soon and it hurts as you were the very essence of FAMILY to the NPC and IFBB Pro League. I take great pride in ordaining you Sexual Chocolate many years ago, as you wore it so perfectly. With that, I officially retire the nickname in your honor as we’ll all Celebrate your life. WE LOVE YOU!”

Dexter Jackson offered a heartfelt obituary saying, “This one hurts SO MUCH! Still lost for words. @fiftyndfabulous has passed and I got word when I landed in Reno last night. She was such an incredible loving person. She would literally take her shirt off her back to help anyone. Jen and I had an amazing relationship. She was like my big sister and supported me with everything me and my family did. She also got on my nerves like siblings do. Lol! As you see she nagged the hell outta me every time I saw her and was so damn rough!! I was like that kid getting kissed in front of my friends. Make no mistake about it. She was guna love me no matter what I or anybody else said no matter the place. I love you so much @fiftyndfabulous and I’m guna miss the hell outta you.”

Till now, the cause of Jennifer’s death is not known. Some people speculate that she may have died due to a heart attack. Many bodybuilders and athletes have died due to heart attacks during their prime. But, whatever the cause, her death is an unfortunate event.

Jennifer Hernandez’s net worth

 As a pro-IFBB member, she led a fairly luxurious life. As per sources, her net worth is 1-2 Million USD. But, nothing is exactly known as she was a private person.

But, she did own two luxury cars, one Lamborghini and one Royce Rolls. Hence, it can be assumed that she was living a happy life.


The death of Jennifer Hernandez is sad news to the athletics sector, especially those interested in bodybuilding. She inspired generations of people, especially women, to lead different lives and etch their own fairy tales on their own terms. We sincerely pray for her spirit.

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