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Jennifer Hudson Reveals Her Father Had 27 Children

Jennifer Hudson Reveals Her Father Had 27 Children

In a recent episode of the podcast “Your Mama’s Kitchen: Conversations from the Heart of the Home,” Jennifer Hudson shared a startling revelation about her family. The 42-year-old singer and actress disclosed that her father had fathered 27 children.

During the conversation, host Michele Norris brought up Hudson’s father’s vibrant personality and the discovery of numerous siblings. Hudson confirmed the surprising fact, saying, “Yes, a lot of us. Apparently, he had 27 children.”

Norris expressed amazement at the large number, prompting Hudson to delve deeper into her family story. She recounted that she first learned about her extensive family at the age of 16, which sparked a dream of uniting them all. “It was my dream to have all of us at this grand Thanksgiving or Christmas table, and we all sit and eat together—that was my goal at 16,” she explained.

Though she hasn’t met all of her siblings, Hudson shared that she has connected with several, including the ones she grew up with, Jason and Julia. “We found quite a few of us,” she said. “And I’m the youngest of all of them.”

The journey to find her siblings received significant aid by her father’s side of the family. Hudson recounted, “When my grandma on his side passed, my siblings over there were like, ‘Y’all got a sister that can really sing, you should meet her.’ And eventually we all came together.”

Hudson also discussed her own experience as a mother to 14-year-old David Daniel Otunga Jr., whom she shares with ex-partner David Otunga. Last year, she brought her son to the White House for Juneteenth, emphasizing the importance of exposing him to significant cultural events. “I want my son to be a part of those things—and his cousins and friends,” she said. “Little David has a really big heart, and he always wants to include them.”

Reflecting on her desire to keep her son connected to family, Hudson explained why she moved back to Chicago before settling in Los Angeles. “I love to try to make sure he has the closest thing to him… just making sure he has his cousins circle and that base and foundation,” she said. “Now we’re here in L.A. and so we make a point to like, have our Sunday dinners. That’s one thing that’s very important.”

Hudson’s dedication to maintaining close family ties shines through as she described their large, connected family. “We have a huge family. People like the fact that y’all are this close and your family is this big. Like, all of us are still in touch,” she added.

Through her story, Jennifer Hudson highlights the importance of family connections, no matter how unexpected or vast they may be.