Jennifer Lawrence’s Hilarious Toilet Sale Joke: Producer Forced to Deny Involvement

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Joke That a Producer Came Out to Deny

True to her style, Jennifer Lawrence surprised by making a confession: her mother, Karen, sold a toilet that belonged to her a while ago through the Craigslist page, and the buyer was a well-known producer in the industry.

In an interview he gave to People magazine, the star said that the toilet was acquired by Lee Eisenberg, the producing partner of Gene Stupnitsky, his director in the imminent No Hard Feelings.

“Years ago, Lee Eisenberg bought my mom a toilet off Craigslist. It was my toilet!” Lawrence declared with a laugh.

When she was asked for more details of the transaction, the actress hesitated a bit and didn’t elaborate much more. “I don’t know… It was my mother who sold it for me,” she replied vaguely.

She also added that the producer knew the identity of the seller at the time she purchased the bath accessory. “That’s why we now know the story,” she says. “So: thanks mom.”

Lee Eisenberg Denies Jennifer Lawrence’s Story

Eisenberg, 46, was quick to respond on Instagram, calling Lawrence’s story “completely untrue” by sharing in a post an image of the headline of People. “It’s exciting to be part of this cultural conversation, but I’ve never bought Jennifer Lawrence’s old toilets, although maybe this opens the door for me to do so,” he captioned the photo.

Apparently, Lawrence was just having a little fun to liven up his press rounds and make reporters and audiences laugh, and the event in question never happened.

About the Film No Hard Feelings

In No Hard Feelings, Lawrence plays a nightclub who promotes herself through Craigslist, a buy and sell page of articles and various services. In the story, the parents of a 19-year-old boy pay him to date their son, who is a virgin and has very little social life. Young Percy, the other protagonist of the story, is played by Andrew Barth Feldman. The film also co-stars Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Hasan Minhaj, and Kyle Mooney.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Upbringing and Relationship with her Parents

Lawrence was raised in Louisville, Kentucky by her parents Karen, who ran a camp for the day, and Gary, owner of a construction company. On several occasions, she spoke of the “complicated” relationship that she had with them in her house and how she abandoned her studies in adolescence to forge her own path within the world of acting.

“My parents changed their whole lives to support me,” she confessed on several occasions.

In the same interview, the Oscar winner described herself as a “weirdo” who used to tell her teachers and schoolmates that she had one leg. stick. “I limped a lot and it was incredibly constant. When my mom would come to pick me up from school, my teachers would tell her, ‘It’s horrible what happened to Jennifer’s leg.’ And my mom was like, ‘She’s fine, her leg was never amputated.’ She used to make up stories just for the sake of making them up,” she revealed during the talk.

The actress also said that her parents would leave her outside the house when they got tired of her antics. “My parents went through stages in which they wanted me out of the house: they called it ‘the blockade’. Suddenly I came, I wanted to enter, and the door was closed. I knew at that point that I had to find something to entertain myself with until they were ready to deal with me again,” she recalled. “It was very difficult, and I have it clear. We never fought about those things, I was always very aware of how annoying it was,” said the actress with a laugh.

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