Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the story of the phoenix on the back of the actor who does not like JLo

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While various media give an account of how in love they were seen Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck by the paradisiacal Italian island Capri and more than one continues commenting on his romantic kiss while riding a yacht through the French city of Saint-Tropez on JLo’s 52nd birthday, a past confession of the ‘Diva from the Bronx’ has once again made headlines, as it gives an account of a detail on the actor’s back that is not to his liking. This is the story of the phoenix that was tattooed and that she considers to be an excess of colors.

The ‘Bennifer’ vacation, as the couple was known 17 years ago, is grabbing everyone’s attention. The paparazzi captured the celebrities walking hand in hand: she in white shorts and T-shirt, a hat and sunglasses, while he was wearing brown long pants and a blue T-shirt.

Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they were happy and unafraid of being seen. They had lunch in a downtown restaurant and then went shopping in the most prestigious boutiques in the area.

After being separated for 17 years they met again after JLo confirmed his separation from Alex Rodríguez and he also left Ana de Armas. The new stage in the actors’ love story brought to mind a confession of Jennifer Lopez, who 5 years ago was consulted for the tattoo that Ben Affleck it had been done on the back.

During the yacht trip in St. Tropez, the singer wore an impact bikini, while her boyfriend did not take off his shirt, something that made more than one think that it was due to the phoenix that JLo does not like. .

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In 2015, in the middle of her divorce proceedings from Jennifer Garner, the actor and director decided to tattoo the design that covers most of his back.

“I would ask him what he was thinking. There are many colors. He always gets tattoos that are too colorful. They should be … better ”, Jennifer Lopez in 2016 on the show ‘Watch What Happens Live’.

In that same year in conversation with the actor Mario Lopez, in the program “Extra”, Ben Affleck said the tattoo was temporary and “It’s false, for a movie” , but then it became clear that it was not fiction. What’s more, Jennifer Garner It was also pronounced: “Am I supposed to be the ashes from which he is reborn?”she said sarcastically for a possible reference to the change in her life after her divorce.

In 2019, the protagonist of ‘Batman’ visited Ellen DeGeneres and defended himself from criticism after being photographed shirtless. “It’s not something I kept private, it wasn’t like I was doing a photoshoot or something, we were two hours north of town on an island in Hawaii and we didn’t know there were paparazzi there, so they got a picture of my tattoo and that feeling ran … you know, against “.

Despite the bad comments, he assured that “It represents something important to me. It is meaningful to me, I like (…) I love my tattoo. I am very happy with it. Luckily, I’m the one who has it “.

About where the tattoo was made, a source at that time to People which was made in 2015 when he was still living in a guest house in the family complex in Los Angeles. “They had a huge tattoo machine in the house for days.”said the informant.

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Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they crossed their paths again in May 2021. ‘Bennifer’ was about to reach the altar in 2004, as they got engaged in 2002 and she defined the end of their romance as “probably my first great heartbreak.” He then married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and in 2005, Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner.

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