Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: what JLo does to eliminate any ties with Alex Rodríguez

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Deleting all the photos on Instagram that summarized his love story has not been the only action of Jennifer Lopez to get her ex-partner Alex Rodríguez out of her life, because the singer is also focusing on the businesses they shared and is even evaluating selling the shares to completely separate their paths, the reason? Well she “Knows it’s fair” for Ben Affleck, with whom he returned after 17 years.

After 4 months of having finished with A-Rod, the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ finally decided to withdraw the memories. On August 14, the day before her current boyfriend’s 49th birthday, she removed the content from the social network, but left images very special where the former baseball player appears for the New York Yankees with his daughters Natasha and Ella, for whom he feels a special affection and with whom he had a great relationship.

Today Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have concrete plans for the future and everything seems to indicate that they are willing to “escape” instead of having a lavish wedding. Recently, an informant explained to the US Magazine portal that they are “Seriously talking about getting married”, then “They are both madly in love and this time they don’t want to let go”. He added that the 49-year-old producer believes the 52-year-old actress “escaped” almost two decades ago and is “determined to make sure that doesn’t happen this time.” For her part, JLo feels that her boyfriend has “matured into the man of her dreams” and would definitely say yes when the time is right.

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While when they officially announced their separation in April 2021, JLo and Alex Rodriguez They confirmed that they would continue with their business, apparently everything changed for the singer who is determined to withdraw from the alliance. US Weekly reported that he is in talks with his lawyers to break the commercial partnership he created with the former baseball player, one of his motivations being the relationship he now enjoys with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer is done dealing with Alex. She is washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. Your management team and attorneys will talk with your team to fix any loose ends. You will have to either sell your side of the business or buy it. She doesn’t care how everything is going, she just wants to be free from ties with him. She knows it’s fair to Ben. “, the nearby fountain.

It was Alex Rodriguez the one that motivated Jennifer Lopez to join various businesses and not just succeed as a music and acting celebrity. “It made me feel comfortable investing my own money in other companies and in myself”, he told Forbes in December 2020.

During the 4 years of romance, they invested in the Hims & Hers company and the Quay sunglasses brand, In addition, they bought properties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and signed the contract with Goli Nutrition. They ended their love story and wedding plans after 2 years of engagement. In April 2021 she was in the Dominican Republic filming the movie ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and he constantly traveled to visit her, but the relationship did not prosper. Then Ben Affleck would return to his life to change everything.

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