Jennifer Lopez and how she emphasized prioritizing “what makes you happy” in the midst of her romance with Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez She has love as her new motivation and is more excited than ever thanks to the return of ‘Bennifer’. In days when she lives her romance with the actor to the fullest Ben Affleck, with whom she dated again after 17 years, enjoys the company of her children Max and Emme and is seen embraced and wasted complicity with the owner of her heart, the singer is also reaping more successes in the musical field thanks to her new song ‘Cambia el Paso’, which he has just officially presented with the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro. This comes at the best time to make it clear that life is about “Do what makes you happy”.

The ‘Diva of the Bronx’ made headlines during the weekend of July 4 where she took advantage of the celebrations of Independence Day of the United States to first take a family walk through the theme park of The Simpsons at Universal Studios. There he was with the 13-year-old children he had with his ex-husband Marc Anthony and a very special guest, little Samuel, the youngest of the ‘Batman’ actor’s children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. In addition, he took a romantic getaway to the exclusive area of ​​the Hamptons, in Long Island, New York, where JLo has a house that is very close to that of his ex-partner Alex Rodriguez.

In addition to the waste of love that could be observed in the photos captured by the paparazzi of ‘Page Six’, Monday, July 5, was the date chosen by Jennifer Lopez for the official launch of ‘Change the Step’. On the subject with Raw Alejandro, the 51-year-old singer assured that she hides a powerful message: “It’s about loving yourself, and doing what makes you happy”. This was applauded by his followers who celebrate that a second chance has been given with Ben Affleck, of 48.

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And it is that many related some phrases of the song like “She is better off without him” O “Now he wants fire between his lips, he does not deserve to have her in his arms” at the end of JLo’s relationship with Alex Rodríguez.

“The message and the lyrics of this song, for me and at this moment in my life, is very much about feeling empowered, feeling strong, loving you, doing the right things for me and it is what I feel that everyone should do, love one another. yourself and do what really makes you happy. If something doesn’t feel right … ‘Change the pace’, continue, don’t be afraid to make that change. I feel that many of us are left in situations that sometimes we are not happy or it does not feel right, ‘something is wrong here’ and we are left out of fear of change and that is why I think I love this song, because it is about change . Sometimes you just have to take one step, just take one step “, explained the also actress.

In the with Univision, Jennifer Lopez he also emphasized that his new theme ‘Change the Step’ brings a message of empowerment for those people who are in a bad situation and do not change their life out of fear, thus taking away the possibility of moving forward after any problem.

“There has never been a time when I make a song and I don’t feel emotionally connected to it. I really connect, otherwise I couldn’t sing it, I wonder ‘why am I singing it?’ especially at this point in my career. Two things always have to happen: first he has to play me lyrically, it is more about the lyrics first because emotionally I have to connect with what I am going to sing, and the type of rhythm and beat, because I am a dancer, even if it is a ballad it still has to to have an emotion, a rhythm that provokes me and manages to move my body. Those two things are very important to me, concluded Jennifer Lopez who showed more beautiful and full of self-love than ever while sharing her days with Ben Affleck.

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