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Jennifer Lopez Releases Sultry 'Cambia el Paso' Video Amid Ben Affleck Woes

Jennifer Lopez Releases Sultry ‘Cambia el Paso’ Video Amid Ben Affleck Woes

Jennifer Lopez celebrated the anniversary of one of her iconic empowerment anthems just as rumors about her split from Ben Affleck continue to circulate. The “Maid in Manhattan” star, now 54, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a sizzling music video of her 2021 hit song “Cambia el Paso,” which she co-wrote to send a message about seizing control and altering one’s own life circumstances.

In the throwback video, Lopez is mesmerizing as she rolls around on a beach, dressed in an eye-catching silver bustier and denim shorts. The song has poignant Spanish lyrics that, when translated, suggest a woman who is thriving post-breakup: “Her life is better now without him… she doesn’t need anyone to be well / She does not fail, she does not fail.” Another verse states, “He doesn’t deserve to have her in his arms.”

Lopez’s recent, rather cryptic post comes on the heels of a bombshell report claiming that her marriage to Affleck has been “over for months.” Page Six revealed that the couple has been apart since March and has not been seen together publicly for almost a month, sparking ongoing split rumors. Yet, despite the alleged marital issues, insiders report that Affleck remains “very protective of Jennifer.”

The couple is currently making headlines with their efforts to sell off some of their artwork from their $60 million mansion in Bel-Air, California, which was listed for $65 million last month. Items such as paintings and other valuables were reportedly sold to collectors in early June. The lovebirds were last seen publicly on June 2 during a tense moment that included an awkward cheek kiss at Affleck’s son Samuel’s basketball game in Los Angeles.

Recently, People magazine reported that Affleck picked up the last of his belongings from their home while Lopez was vacationing in Italy. It’s now confirmed that the stars are no longer living together. Lopez continues to reside in their Bel-Air mansion while Affleck is staying at a $100,000-a-month rental near his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares three children: Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12.

Despite the split rumors, Affleck appears to be carrying on with business as usual. Sources say he’s focusing on work and spending time with his kids. Lopez, meanwhile, has been spotted enjoying herself, traveling to Paris and Italy with friends.

Professional ties continue to bind Lopez and Affleck. Lopez is set to star in two movies produced by Affleck and Matt Damon’s production company: “Unstoppable” and “Kiss Of The Spider Woman.”

A source recently told that Lopez is “over” trying to make her marriage with Affleck work. She feels she’s reached her limit and can do no more to salvage the relationship. The insider revealed that Affleck’s perpetual grumpiness and negativity contributed significantly to the strain on their marriage.

Despite her sadness over the end of her nuptials, Lopez is making efforts to move forward by working out, spending time with her twins Max and Emme, and making plans for the future. One of these plans includes resuming her “This Is Me… Live” tour for the summer of 2025 when she turns 56.

Lopez aims to connect with her fans during the tour and has cleared her schedule this summer to re-evaluate her life. Although she’s reportedly shocked by the negative press, a close friend insists that people would be more understanding if they knew the true dynamics. Affleck, although a brilliant director and actor, is often seen chain-smoking, cursing, and appearing irritated, despite being a loving father.

The couple’s love story started in 2002 while filming “Jersey Girl” and they got engaged the following year. However, they broke up in 2004 before rekindling their romance in the spring of 2021. They married in a Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022, followed by a grand celebration at Affleck’s Georgia estate in August 2022.

There are rumors that Ben and Jennifer will soon announce their divorce, possibly timed for when all their children are out of school. Yet, the couple continues to be cordial, putting their kids first even while navigating their separate lives.

As Lopez continues to push forward, her friends and insiders believe she will bounce back, as she always does, stronger and smarter from the experience.

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