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Jennifer Lopez Removes Ring While Promoting Beauty Line Amid Affleck Rumors

Jennifer Lopez has sparked fresh speculation about the state of her marriage to Ben Affleck after she conspicuously appeared without her green diamond engagement ring in a recent Instagram post, Pagesix reports. Known for her active presence on social media, the singer and actress was promoting her JLO Beauty line’s Ultimate Body Kit and Complexion Booster when eagle-eyed fans noticed the absence of her stunning rock. This absence comes amidst swirling rumors that her relationship with Affleck is on the rocks, with reports suggesting they have been living separately since March.

In the promotional video shared on Instagram, Lopez, 54, exuded summer vibes while lounging on a sun lounger, clad in shorts and a pink halter top. Despite wearing other jewelry like stacked rings on her right hand and diamond earrings, the absence of her engagement ring from Affleck, gifted to her during their 2022 proposal, did not go unnoticed. This omission from her ensemble comes just days after reports surfaced suggesting their marriage has been on the rocks for months, despite Affleck’s apparent protective stance towards Lopez.

Lopez’s social media activity has been under scrutiny since her solo appearance at the Met Gala in May and her attendance at events without Affleck, including the premiere of her Netflix project “Atlas.” The couple’s $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills is reportedly up for sale, signaling further signs of trouble. While Affleck has been seen without his wedding ring on multiple occasions, their relationship status remains ambiguous, with Lopez recently canceling her greatest hits tour to prioritize time with family and close friends.

The rocky saga of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship has been a rollercoaster of public speculation and media scrutiny. Despite their whirlwind romance and high-profile engagement, sources suggest cracks began to appear earlier this year, leading to their decision to live apart. Lopez’s actions on social media, such as liking a post about unhealthy relationships, and her decision to take time off from her tour have only added fuel to the rumor mill.

Affleck’s occasional absence of his wedding ring has been interpreted as another sign of trouble, despite sporadic appearances wearing the band. Reports indicate that Affleck may have reconsidered their marriage, with sources claiming he has had a change of heart about their relationship’s future. Meanwhile, Lopez’s solo travels to Italy and attendance at Paris Fashion Week without Affleck have further fueled speculation about their current status.

As the public dissects every social media post and public appearance, Lopez and Affleck have remained relatively silent about the state of their relationship. Their decision to list their shared home for sale and Lopez’s solo endeavors suggest a significant shift from their once-public romance. Whether this signifies a temporary separation or the beginning of the end for Hollywood’s beloved couple, only time will tell.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez’s recent social media upload without her engagement ring has intensified speculation about the status of her marriage to Ben Affleck. Amidst rumors of living separately and selling their mansion, both stars have navigated public attention with varying degrees of engagement. As fans and media outlets continue to dissect their every move, the future of their relationship remains uncertain, leaving many to wonder what lies ahead for one of Hollywood’s most talked-about couples.

Source: Pagesix