Jennifer Lopez Reveals How She Physically Prepared for Her Most Anticipated Performance

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It was announced almost a year ago: “Jennifer Lopez has signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix.” In this hermetic wait for information, the possible hypotheses of the contract have not ceased. Please, if we barely have nails left! And although it is true that a few months ago it was revealed that the production was going to focus on the bronx diva’s own life, far from speeding up our intrigue and waiting, she increased it!

The documentary nicknamed ‘Halftime’ focuses on a specific moment in his life: his preparation and trajectory towards the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched and coveted moments by multiple artists. And no, no, not only does he make us participants in his performance, but, apparently t-o-d-o tells us, both professionally and personally what happened in those intense months of preparation for the performance. We don’t know if it shows, but we’re very excited. Especially now, he has shared a small advance on his social networks. We can only say, “Yaaaas!”

“I have been and lived in the public eye. And, really, many times I believed what they said about me. She had a very low self-esteem,” we heard her say in the documentary while talking about the impact of criticism on her day to day and how you are inciting that in the search for the best performance, she will stop enjoying the process and how, little by little, she reconnected with herself.

The preparation of JLo

The Super Bowl performance is one of the most important in the world. It is one of the most-watched and expected events throughout the year and yes, it requires the most intense preparation. In that little mini trailer that JLo has shared, you can see how physical preparation was present in practically every scene. No wonder.

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If already in itself, the performances of the artist are pure rhythm with very marked choreographies, her most anticipated concert was not going to be less. In fact, throughout his career we have been participants in how his body has been toning and musculation with each performance, gaining resistance. How?

Strength training has not failed (we already saw her lifting 100 kilos -yes, 100- with her legs) or strengthening the arms with dumbbells of various sizes. And, of course, repetitions sometimes repeat more than 1,000 times some exercise!

We have also seen her introduce cardio to her routines more continuously, remember that during the confinement while preparing for the performance we could see her running through the garden of her house to stay active because she could not go to the gym. And he even incorporated meditation. What is clear is that all these routines have favored that I look those impressive ‘abs’ and biceps that can be seen in the traíler.

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