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Jennifer Lopez Seen Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Ben Affleck Issues

Jennifer Lopez Seen Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Ben Affleck Issues

Jennifer Lopez is sending mixed signals about the state of her marriage to Ben Affleck, as she has been seen once again wearing her wedding ring.

Earlier this week, the singer chose not to wear her green diamond engagement ring in an Instagram video promoting her JLO Beauty brand. Instead, she showcased diamond earrings and stacked silver rings on her right hand. This move led to some speculation about her relationship status.

However, Jennifer might have taken note of the chatter regarding her missing wedding ring. On Thursday morning, she stepped out wearing the impressive diamond ring again. She was photographed buying rosebuds in New York on the Fourth of July, dressed in a striped button-down shirt, khakis, and a tan hat. She completed her look with sizable hoop earrings and, of course, her wedding ring and band.

Jennifer appeared to be in high spirits while shopping for plants, which could indicate that she is doing better than people might think. There has been a lot of talk about Jennifer and Ben’s marriage lately. The couple is currently living separately and trying to sell their $60 million home in Beverly Hills, California.

In addition to their marital home, the pair is reportedly selling off artwork and other items from the residence. This has led many to speculate that the couple might be headed for a split in the near future. Despite all the rumors, neither Ben nor Jennifer have addressed them directly, opting instead to send mixed signals through their actions.

Ben has also been spotted without his wedding ring on several occasions. However, he and Jennifer have appeared together at several family events, presenting a united front despite showing little to no public displays of affection.

While love might not cost a thing, as Jennifer once famously sang, divorce certainly does. So, people are keen to see how this situation unfolds.

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