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Jennifer Lopez’s children gradually get used to Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez they worried from the first moment on how the boys would take their new courtship, after the separation of Alex Rodriguez. Now that they have been together for several weeks, everything seems to indicate that the twins Max and Emme are getting used to it little by little to the presence of the actor in their lives.

Different sources close to the Bronx Diva assured People magazine that the boys are interested in getting to know him better and that for now everything is going according to the famous couple’s plans. “They are meeting Ben Affleck slowly, everything seems to be going very well. Jennifer is obviously serious about him. She has not looked so happy for a long time, “said the informant.

The latest photos captured by the paparazzi of the entire clan revealed Ben Affleck accompanying JLo and her children to a restaurant in Malibu, California for the singer’s sister’s birthday. After that the videos of the pair arrived in the middle of passionate kisses when Max interrupted them.

On the other hand, another source consulted by US newspapers assured that the resumed romance already has the blessing of Guadalupe, JLo’s mother. “In the past, the mother of Jennifer Y Ben They were very close, and when the couple broke up, it is said that she was heartbroken. Now she is delighted that they are together again ”.

And along the same lines, sources close to the couple assure that the Oscar-winning actor has already won over her children. “They are inseparable and everything is going very well. (She) has never been happier and knows she was meant to be. Your kids really like Ben and they think he’s fun and fun to be with. He has totally won over the family with his charm ”.


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