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Jeremy Clarkson's Purchase Unveils Hidden History of Pub on Famous Dogging Site

Jeremy Clarkson’s Purchase Unveils Hidden History of Pub on Famous Dogging Site

Jeremy Clarkson has encountered an unexpected issue following his purchase of a Cotswolds pub for £1 million.

The “Grand Tour” star, well-known for his popular Prime Video series “Clarkson’s Farm,” decided to invest in the pub after achieving success with his 1000-acre Diddly Squat farm and its associated shop, managed by his wife, Lisa Hogan. Clarkson initially bought the land in 2008. When the local villager who had been running the farm retired in 2019, Clarkson took the opportunity to manage it himself.

In July, news surfaced that the 64-year-old celebrity planned to expand his ventures by taking over the rural countryside pub, The Windmill, located in Asthall. This charming “village boozer,” set on five acres of countryside near Burford, seemed like a promising endeavor.

However, Clarkson has openly admitted that the Oxfordshire area where his new pub is situated is popular among individuals who partake in sexual activities in semi-secluded public spaces. This revelation came to light when Clarkson shared a video on Instagram, standing outside the pub, holding a stick with a pair of black and pink knickers dangling from the end. He captioned the post, “Tell me you bought a pub on a dogging site without telling me you bought a pub on a dogging site.”

Previously, Clarkson expressed surprise that the West Oxfordshire District Council approved his plans to transform the “famous dogging site” into a “fun” village pub, despite its reputation and issues such as dead rats. He remains optimistic about turning the venue into a lively community spot.

Clarkson has projected that the pub’s opening will be delayed until winter. This postponement is due to commitments, including a young couple’s wedding reception scheduled for the summer, as well as the extensive repair work needed at the site. Additionally, Clarkson is working on a TV series that will document his experiences and challenges in becoming a pub landlord, much like his show “Clarkson’s Farm,” which reveals the difficulties and joys of running Diddly Squat.

Earlier this year, Clarkson shared some behind-the-scenes insights into “Clarkson’s Farm.” One notable incident involved his free-grazing pigs, a rare breed called Sandy and Black. Clarkson had underestimated the complexities of pig farming, despite warnings from land agent Charlie Ireland, who stated, “Pigs need round-the-clock care.”

Unfortunately, Clarkson learned this the hard way. Many piglets died, some accidentally crushed by their mothers, leaving the team working on the show quite distressed. This episode highlighted the difficulties and realities of farming, even with the guidance of experienced advisors.