Jeremy’s Razors: What’s the Hype?

Talk about men’s grooming, and the mention of razors is a must. Razors are the most common item that men use to groom their face. Thus, when they look out for this grooming item, they usually seek high quality, good performance, and a fair price. A new razor has been making buzz throughout the American market. Interestingly, its popularity has two reasons – the outstanding features and several political reasons.

Jeremy’s Razors is one grooming product that has become viral throughout the United States. Everyone on and off social media is discussing the backstory behind the razor. Ever since its release, it has received immense promotion and publicity.

Here is everything to know about Jeremy’s Razors.

What is Jeremy’s Razors?

The co-CEO of Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, founded the chain of razors in his name. They possess some top-notch features. The product was introduced in 2022 in an immediate open competition with Harry’s – another company that delivers identical products. This event created a lot of disputes between The Daily Wire and Harry’s, and the word spread everywhere on the internet.

There’s a Story Behind Jeremy’s Razors

The launch of Jeremy’s Razors shocked the world. After all, who had thought that the co-CEO of a media channel would introduce something like this? The Daily Wire describes itself as a conservative media company. Launching this product fits its mission of being a ‘counter-cultural outlet for opinion and entertainment’. The launch of Jeremy’s Razors boasts a backstory of how Harry’s Razors terminated an advertising contract with The Daily Wire in 2021.

Besides their launch video, social media campaign, and the feisty domain name (, much of the backstory was explained by the media channels of the owner on The Ben Shapiro Show and in various other places. They explain they created these razors in response to Harry’s Razors pulling $80,000 worth of advertising after a Twitter user complained about the ‘homophobic and transphobic’ content on one of their shows.

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A user @flyingsodacan1 tweeted, “@harry is sponsoring Michael Knowles. The same @michaeljknowles who is spreading homophobic and transphobic content. He had Joseph Nicolosi jr. as a guest on his show and equates being trans to having schizophrenia. It is wrong that Harry or anyone sponsors this vile content.”

“It is one thing to differ on politics and economics, it is wrong to sponsor someone who is hurting people. I don’t care if Mr. Knowles is a fiscal conservative or is against soccer. I couldn’t care less. I do care if he is attacking a group of people without just cause.”

“The fact that Harry’s, a company I love, is supporting this message is disappointing. Here are the sources.” 

In a response to this, Harry’s replied:

“Thanks for bringing this up. We condemn the views in this video which are inexcusable and at odds with our longtime support of the LGBTQ+ community. We have ended our relationship with this show and are looking into our sponsorships to prevent any value misalignment going forward.”

Enter Jeremy’s Razors in the scene and the Americans were shaken!

The media company and its fans reacted to this tweet. The official Twitter account of The Daily Wire also posted a meme poking fun at Harry’s as a company that does “whatever the woke person tells you”.

Fast forward to 2022, on the day of the launch, Jeremy Boreing and Ben Shapiro emphasized three points when explaining why they launched a shaving company:

  • The person who complained had, at the time, a total of two followers on Twitter. This claim was verified on the show by the way of screenshots.
  • Boreing and Shapiro explained they weren’t at loggerheads with Harry’s after the latter canceled its advertising contract and claimed they were simply doing business. But soon, they viewed it as an attack on their business that Harry’s had publically announced they would pull their advertising and that Harry’s had called the views expressed on the Michael Knowles shows inexcusable.
  • They claimed that Harry’s, who had advertised with The Daily Wire since 2016, was briefed and fully aware of the media company’s conservative editorial stance. In fact, Boreing argued that reaching their clearly defined audience was the reason that Harry’s partnered with The Daily Wire in the first place.
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What’s Inside Jeremy’s Razors?

Coming to the product, the newly launched shaving kit comes with shaving cream, a high-quality founder’s razor, an after-shave balm, an 8-blade subscription, and a travel-friendly pouch. Further, the kit contains a tea smell and fresh menthol that ignites a delighted feeling. The product has a personalized signature from the owner, making it more exclusive when compared to its competitors. Furthermore, you can also add the impression of using a ‘protest’ commodity.

What Are the Features of Jeremy’s Razors?

  • The razors have a tungsten composition and rejuvenation that claims to repair your skin.
  • Jeremy’s Razors also come with strong pivots.
  • The rubber handle of the product makes it easy for you to glide it smoothly on your skin. Even if you are rushing, you can use it to obtain a perfect shave.
  • The sharp blades ensure that the results are seamless.

Jeremy’s Razors Commercial that Created a Huge Buzz

Nearly a year after Harry’s removed its ads, The Daily Wire initiated its new razors with a humorous outstanding web ad that became the talk of the internet. The ad runs for four-minute and is worth watching.

It starts with the ‘god-king’ Boreing setting fire to rubber to work in an electric-blue McLaren. After virtually jogging over an employee in the parking lot, he exits the car and asks, “Do you recall when there were only two genders, and only one and a half of them had to trim their mustaches?”

He then whips out the flame thrower and adds, “If you have had enough of the woke bullshit and you are tired of paying groups like Gillette and Harry’s to hate you, then get my new razor instead.”

“Our country is in distress. Conservatives are being abolished by the media, Hollywood, universities, and now, Harry’s Razors. Resist lending your money to woke companies who do not believe you deserve their product. Offer it to me instead.” Boreing concludes as a huge flag emblazoned with this picture and the phrase, “Shut Up and Shave” unfurls from the roof.

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The ad video features hot women, hot cars, a shirtless, carved Adonis, and over-caffeinated Dennis Miller – all of which define Jeremy as the razor of choice for everyone – firefighters, cowboys, and ‘those gentlemen who shot Osama Bin Laden.’

The commercial is entertaining and funny, and the product illustration comprises ‘the best shave kit ever built and its preferred pronouns as Buy Now.’

What is the Price of Jeremy’s Razors?

The publicity and promotional techniques of the brand are titled masculine and appealing to men for many reasons. The founder has demonstrated that he had already sold numerous razors and ensured buyers it was a superior quality product. You can find the Founder’s Kit on the official website of the company which has been priced at $59.99. Apparently, the kit is available for pre-order.

Is Jeremy’s Razor Review Worth Buying?

The back story and bold competition to Harry’s made Jeremy’s Razors extremely popular in the States. The political essence of its launch was something, after all. Besides its political story, the product itself is a promising contender. All the claims of it being superior to its competitors are true. The kit contains everything you might need to groom yourself for work, a party, or any other occasion.

The consumers who have already bought and used this product are giving it a thumbs up, adding more to its popularity. So far, the reviews have been positive, and the spree is likely to continue.

Pre-book yours and groom yourself with everything good!

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