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Jessa Duggar Surprises in Tight Shorts and Tiny Tank Top

Counting On alum Jessa Duggar Seewald is raising eyebrows following her latest vlog. The 31-year-old has been sporadic on social media over the past few months, but her recent YouTube video answers many questions about her activities during this period. However, her latest content has caught many by surprise as it appears to defy her family’s strict rules.

It has been a while since Jessa provided an update regarding her relationship with the Duggar family, leading to speculation that she might be distancing herself from their beliefs. Jessa sparked further curiosity after making headlines last month when she spent a day with the Bates family. Some even speculated that she might join the Bates Sisters Boutique following her sudden getaway with Carlin and Whitney. Despite all the conjecture, Jessa recently clarified that her main goal is to get back in shape.

Recently, some Reddit users have reacted to Jessa’s latest vlog, which features her current fitness journey. According to Jessa, she has been working out indoors to lose weight and has admitted that she is not naturally a physically active person. However, she found the motivation to change her lifestyle by watching workout videos on YouTube. What surprised many viewers was Jessa’s choice of attire in the vlog; she wore tight shorts and a small tank top, showing off a lot of skin, which is unusual considering the Duggar family’s conservative dress code.

Jessa Duggar From Counting On, TLC, from Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Duggar From Counting On, TLC, from Jessa Seewald YouTube

Comments on social media reflect the shock of her followers:

  • “I’m kinda floored rn that Jessa is posting exposed shoulders and legs. She’s been stubbornly IBLP abiding well into her adult years.”
  • “How is this less revealing and/or suggestive than dancing? Looks like something that would still stir up someone else’s husband.”
  • “If she can wear shorts now why can’t her daughters?”
  • “Jessa needs to wake up. She needs to realize that the IBLP is toxic and she needs to cut ties with Jim Bob like her sisters Jill and Jinger have done. Same goes for all the adult Duggar siblings, especially the ones who are still under their father’s control.”

Apart from her fitness journey, Jessa also shared an adorable clip featuring her daughter, Ivy. The video captures Ivy talking about her love for beans. “This girl loves her some beans,” Jessa captioned the post. Viewers were charmed by Ivy’s speech, especially when she mentioned combining tomatoes and beans in a bowl without beef.

  • “Ha ha so very cute. My hubby loves his beans too. If I go out anywhere and he has to make the kids dinner, without fail it will be beans on toast we call it Daddy dinner.”
  • “Omg. The way she says tomatoes. I’m melting. So sweet.”
  • “You should read her “A bad Case of the Stripes” it’s very cute and about a girl who loves beans.”

Source: TV Shows Ace, Jessa Seewald YouTube