“Jessica Bueno’s Words of Wisdom Post Ex’s Engagement: A Tale of Inspiration”

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On the same day that Jota Peleteiro confirmed his engagement with girlfriend Miriam Gurutze, Jessica Bueno shared a text that highlights her newfound happiness and inner strength. Cristian Llorens, the writer of the text, describes a more self-assured and liberated version of Jessica. After separating from Jota and resuming her career, Jessica has now launched an event organization company and found love again with fellow model and businessman Pablo Marqués.

The couple has been inseparable since their relationship came to light in March. They posed together for the first time at the April Fair, where Jessica dazzled in a flamenco outfit. Pablo’s comment on Jessica’s latest post, “How can she be so elegant?” hints at his adoration for her.

Jessica’s current relationship, along with the love and support of her three children, has helped her overcome the difficulties of her past and move forward. Although her breakup with Jota was messy, the ex-couple has put the past behind them and moved on.

Meanwhile, Jota has found love and announced his engagement with Miriam with a stunning diamond ring. It seems that both Jessica and Jota have moved on in their personal lives and found happiness again.

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