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Jessica Morris and Rib Hillis Join Couples Retreat Murder Mystery!

Jessica Morris and Rib Hillis Join Couples Retreat Murder Mystery!

Soap veterans and real-life married couple Jessica Morris and Rib Hillis are starring together in Lifetime’s latest movie, Couples Retreat Murder!

In this brand-new thriller, Morris takes on the role of Becky, while Hillis portrays Jim. The story revolves around the duo’s attempt to salvage their troubled marriage by attending a secluded retreat. The plot thickens when they discover that one of the other participants is Becky’s ex-boyfriend from college. The situation gets even more tense when one guest goes missing and the retreat’s host is found dead. This leaves Becky and Jim questioning who they can trust among the other attendees.

Couples Retreat Murder is set to premiere on Lifetime on Sunday, July 7, at 8 p.m. ET. It will also be available for streaming the day after its television debut. Back in March, Jessica Morris shared with her followers that she and Rib Hillis were working on this project together in the desert. She also posted behind-the-scenes photos and mentioned that their on-screen characters are at odds, unlike their real-life relationship. “Some monitor shots and behind-the-scenes of me and Rib on set together,” she posted on Instagram. “We may be sweeter to each other in real life than our characters are, so we needed to hug it out in between takes.”

Fans of daytime television will remember Morris from her portrayal of Jennifer Rappaport on One Life To Live from 2001 to 2005. Hillis is familiar to viewers for his role as Dr. Jake Marshak on the General Hospital spinoff, Port Charles, from 1997 to 1998. He also filled in as Ethan on Passions in 2006 when Eric Martsolf was on paternity leave. The couple, who celebrated their first anniversary on May 11, had previously collaborated on Lifetime’s A Deadly Threat to My Family.

Apart from Jessica Morris and Rib Hillis, Couples Retreat Murder also features Natalie Daniels, Corin Nemec, and Alex Trumble in significant roles. Adam Huss, who played Nikolas on General Hospital, makes an appearance as Joel in the movie.

Source: Soaps In Depth