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Jessica Newton after testing positive for COVID-19: “Don’t trust yourself, get vaccinated” | VIDEO – MAG.

Through your Instagram account, Jessica Newton made known to his thousands of followers that he tested positive for coronavirus. The businesswoman said that she is carrying out her respective quarantine indicated by her doctor.

Likewise, the director of the Miss Peru Organization stated that her symptoms are not serious thanks to the fact that she has two doses of the coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19).

“My body bothers me a bit, I have muscle aches, a little cough and my fever has not risen again. You have to take everything with joy and I am going to enjoy the days of rest in the house ”, Jessica Newton indicated in videos posted on her Instagram Storie.

“I’m going to have to rest at home for the next few days until I’m better,” added next to a video where she appears lying on her bed.

At another time, the mother Cassandra Sanchez De Lamadrid asked her followers to get vaccinations to prevent the disease from getting complicated, in case they are infected.

“I wanted to tell those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. Get vaccinated. I imagine that these symptoms, if I did not have both vaccines, would be worse ”, manifested.

“Don’t rely on rapid tests. I have had a test before coming from Utah, I have had a second test arriving in Lima, and only in the third molecular test has I been positive “, he pondered.

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