Jessica Newton upset with designer of Janick Maceta’s dress for making replica

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Jessica Newton, organizer of Miss Peru, expressed her discomfort against Maritza Mendoza because, according to her, the designer replicated the dress that Janick Maceta wore at Miss Universe 2020.

Newton reported that the representative of Miss Kansas USA 2021 used an imitation of the dress that the Peruvian model wore in the last edition of Miss Universe.

The American queen Gracie Hunt used the piece in one of the galas prior to the Miss United States 2021 pageant. A detail that was evidenced in videos of the aforementioned pageant.

Gracie Hunt, a participant in Miss USA 2021, shared a series of photographs and videos on her official Instagram account, in which she was seen wearing a long silver dress designed by Maritza Mendoza.

The audiovisual material was shared by the Instagram account “Apoyo Reinas Perú”, with the clear intention of making the event known: “The American contestant wore a design inspired by our Miss Peru 2020, Janick Maceta.”

Faced with the evidence of reply, Jessica Newton left a forceful comment against the work of Maritza Mendoza, adjudging that Janick Maceta’s dress was the original and that of Gracie Hunt, a copy.

“He does not respect anything or anyone, I must admit that I should have listened to Romi Lozano and I regret not having done so. I am grateful that Janick Maceta has made me see reality and I do not want to have this ungrateful and opportunistic lady ever again near me, I hate liars “he commented.

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