“Jessica, we are live”: The ‘blooper’ that made two television presenters famous on the Internet in Namibia

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“Jessica, we are live”: The 'blooper' that made two television presenters famous on the Internet in Namibia

Having a disagreement with a co-worker or getting into an awkward argument with someone is something that has happened to everyone, but two television presenters in they can say that the of the impasse that they starred during a live broadcast was seen by millions of Internet users in more than one .

The exchange of words between the two began when Elmarie Kapunda he was going to give the pass to his colleague Jessica Kaimu to present the sports segment. When I made a short introduction before giving the floor to him, Kaimu he interrupted her saying: “No, you are not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me and say ‘Go ahead’ “.

But what the presenter never imagined was the response her partner gave her while driving. “Jessica, we are live”, he specified Kapunda, causing an uncomfortable silence in front of the cameras and neither of the two dare to send the commercial cut, being saved at the end by the sudden appearance of a headline with miscellaneous information.

Unfortunately, a user of Twitter recorded this moment in a video viral that caused a furor among his followers, to the point that the phrase “Jesica, we are live” It became a trend on various social platforms and even two South African news anchors made a parody of it.

Lazarus Jacobs, president of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), told what “Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don’t know what she heard on her headset, (but) she didn’t realize it was on the air. What people hear or see is something that is supposed to happen behind the scenes. “.

While in Internet the consensus when seeing the video viral It was that its two protagonists had apparently engaged in an off-air discussion, Jacobs was blunt in emphasizing that there was no “No disagreement” and that they are both “Good companions”, as they demonstrated in a live chat in which they talked about the subject and took it with a lot of humor.

“Once you get on the air and say something that is probably inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze.”added the president of the aforementioned chain, while saying that the presenters agreed to take training to improve their skills in front of cameras and denied the reports that they were going to be removed from their positions.

“I personally spoke with the two ladies and assured them that their permanence in their jobs was not at risk. This was a simple mistake that could have happened to anyone “, Jacobs concluded about what was seen in the video viral, which to date, since it was shared on Twitter on June 9, has accumulated more than 976,000 views.

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