Jim Ryan apologizes for stock issues on PS5 anniversary

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Just a few days ago, PlayStation 5 celebrated its first year in the market with the constant during these twelve months of some stock problems that do not seem to have a solution in the short term. These will continue to be notable throughout the next year 2022, causing serious difficulties for all those who want a unit of the new Sony console to get it, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony CE, who has apologized for this in a commemorative message.

In this message, Ryan mainly emphasizes that Sony is trying everything possible so that this situation can be reversed and as many units as possible can be distributed.

“We continue to see historic demand for PS5, and we understand that reduced inventories continue to be a source of frustration for many of our customers,” says Ryan. “Rest assured that we are focused on doing everything in our power to distribute as many units as possible, it is something we work on every day in the company and it continues to be my top priority. Again, I appreciate your patience as we sail to through these unprecedented global challenges. “

A problem that is difficult to solve

Ryan’s comments come after a Bloomberg report according to which Sony would have had to reduce its production forecast during this fiscal year – until March of next year – by one million units, from 16 million to 15. However, and despite these drawbacks, PlayStation 5 has been able to be on the verge of reaching the not inconsiderable figure of 14 million consoles sold, a figure that despite being well, from Sony they have recognized that it is below forecasts.

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