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In today’s article, you will learn about the wife of American football player Jimmy Garoppolo. Most people remain eager to know about their favourite personalities’ personal lives; hence, we bring to you this article highlighting the biography of his wife.

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo? 

Before digging into his wife or girlfriend, let us know who Jimmy Garoppolo is. Jimmy Garoppolo is an American football quarterback. He plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the San Francisco 49ers. Earlier in 2014, Garoppolo had been drafted into the second round by the New England Patriots. However, later in October 2017, the patriots traded him for the 49ers.

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend?

Although the footballer claims to the media that he is not into any romantic relationship as of now, there have been numerous rumours about his linkage with two of them. These lucky girls are named Alexandra King and Kiara Mia. Jimmy prefers a secluded and private life, and I find no joy in publicising his love life. He does not want his matters to be on the front page of the news dailies.

Alexandra rose king

Numerous reports suggested that Garoppolo was dating Alexandra King back in 2017 when he played for the New England Patriots. Though Garoppolo made every possible effort to keep the relationship private, Alexandra once posted on Valentine’s Day of 2018 a couple of pictures of Jimmy captioned as ‘Valentine.’ This move ignited further rumours about their relationship. However, Jimmy never publicly admitted their relationship. 

Alexandra Rose King is a social media star and also an Instagram model. She was birth on the 27th of May in 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was always passionate about modeling and acting and eventually pursued a career in modeling. She was born to Martin and Stacey, but she is not a single child and has two elder siblings named Timothy and Trevor. 

Alexandra graduated in arts and design from a very popular university- University of Massachusetts. Ethnicity is white, and she belongs to the American nationality, the present commercial model for some very famous products and brands. Apart from this, she also has a YouTube channel with millions of followers, where she uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs every now and then.

Kiara Mia

Many reports claim that Jimmy Garoppolo was dating another girl named Kiara Mia in the middle of 2018. This made the public more curious about the personality of Kiara Mia. Kiaran is a model, actress, and adult film star from Los Angeles, California. When she was in her mid-30s, she began her career in the porn industry. She has also been nominated for various AVN awards nominations. Kiara is not her birth name. Her actual name is Deanna Marlene Munoz.

She belongs to the Latin ethnicity, and her nationality is American. Just like Alexandra Rose, she has also graduated from the University of Massachusetts. She has one younger brother. Apart from modeling, she had always been fascinated by acting as well. In 2005, she was given the golden opportunity to appear in an action crime movie called harsh times. She was asked for a cameo alongside Eva Longoria and Christian Bale. She also made a grand appearance in a television show, cold beach heat: Miami. Later in 2015, she also appeared in the film maul dogs.

When she entered the porn industry in mid-2010, she was filmed by some of the key players in the industry, like Playboy productions. She also worked with wicked pictures. After about two years of working, she gained immense success and became one of the top MILF porn stars. In addition to the night moves awards in 2012, Kiara was nominated for the best MILF release.

Jimmy Garoppolo And Alexandra King

The rumors of this duo’s dating began emerging in 2017. However, many believe that the couple was dating way before that. The news was confirmed when Alexandra publicly posted a picture of Jimmy and captioned it as ‘Valentine’ on Valentine’s Day. About a month later, the couple were spotted at Disneyland and had a good time together. The public spotted them indulging in a public display of affection.

However, later, in an interview Jimmy claimed that the relationship was nothing more than a casual relationship. He denied all accusations of dating the social media stuff. On the one hand, Jimmy was hesitant to publicise his love life, whereas Alexandra felt pride in openly posting about her boyfriend.

And a year later, in 2018, Jimmy was shot having a romantic dinner date with the adult film star Kiara Mia. Hearing this news, the public started feeling that Jimmy was cheating on Alexandra. Alexandra felt very bad about this news and soon deleted all my pictures from her social media account. In fact, later in the year, when Jimmy was hit with an injury, the social media star influencer posted a picture of him and captioned it karma, meaning that it had happened to Jamie as a punishment for dumping her.

Jimmy’s Relationship With Kiara Mia

The news of Jimmy dating Kiara Mia started emerging when the couple was spotted in a restaurant located in Beverly Hills. From the pictures it could be made out that the couple was out on a romantic dinner date and was spending quality time together. The pictures made it evident that the two had a very happy meal and after the dinner, they left the restaurant with happy smiles on their faces. Eventually, Jimmy Garoppolo broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Alexandra king.

However, Jimmy being Jimmy has denied all allegations of dating Kiara Mia either. Kiara Mia too, in an interview, stated that the two of them are just friends and there is no romantic relationship between them. Even if the couple is in a relationship, one major barrier is their age difference. Mia is forty one years of age- while Jimmy is much younger- he is just 26 years old.

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