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Jimmy Kirkpatrick is the biological father of a well-known professional American boxer belonging to the black community. Mike Tyson’s father had never been physically present to support Mike during the journey of his life, as Jimmy Kirkpatrick left Mike Tyson and his spouse when Mike Tyson was a kid. Mike never had a chance to meet his biological father, which is why not much information is available about Jimmy Kirkpatrick, his childhood, his early life, and his background. 

Who is Jimmy Kirkpatrick?

Widely regarded as Mike Tyson’s biological father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick was a native of the United States of America. Even though he is profoundly known as Mike Tyson’s and Jimmie Kirkpatrick’s father, he had never played his part as a father, and he left his children (Mike Tyson) when they were merely two years old. 

It is the reason that Mike Tyson never knew who his real father was, and on Mike Tyson’s birth certificate, it is mentioned that a Jamaican named Percel Tyson is his real father. However, it is Jimmy Kirkpatrick who is the biological father of Mike Tyson. Surprisingly, Mike Tyson had never met his father in person during his entire life.

Jimmy Kirkpatrick Age

Jimmy Kirkpatrick was born in 1924 in North Carolina, United States. He is better known to be Mike Tyson’s biological father. Even though Mike Tyson’s birth certificate claims that Percell Tyson, who was born in Jamaica, is his real father, the truth is that Mike Tyson is the son of Jimmy “Curlee” Kirkpatrick. 

Having gone through a life of hardships and difficulties, Jimmy Kirkpatrick died in 1992. His spouse, Lorna Mae Smith Tyson left him a decade ago and had to meet with a demise in 1982. Even though it has been decades since Jimmy Kirkpatrick died, he is still well-known as Mike Tyson’s biological father. 

Jimmy Kirkpatrick Nationality

Jimmy Kirkpatrick was born in North Carolina, United States, which makes him a native American. Jimmy Kirkpatrick is a black American and holds citizenship in the United States of America.

His biological son Mike Tyson, who became a famous American boxer at age 20, also has the same nationality as his father. Mike Tyson is also an American. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. 

Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s Siblings and Parents 

Jimmy Kirkpatrick always believed in maintaining privacy in his life. He liked staying aloof from the media, so there is hardly any relevant information about his childhood and family on the web.

However, it is claimed that Jimmy Kirkpatrick had a sister named Thelma Kirkpatrick Boulware, born in 1930 and lived till 1998. Curlee Kirkpatrick (1908-1965) is also known as Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s father. However, Jimmy Kirkpatrick left his children when they were just two years old.

Jimmy Kirkpatrick Marriage and Children

Jimmy Kirkpatrick has always lived a life full of struggles and hustles. It is the reason that there is not much known about his background and early life. However, as per the sources, Jimmy Kirkpatrick had a spouse named Lorna Mae Smith Tyson, who was born in 1927. Unfortunately, she could not survive with her husband Jimmy Kirkpatrick, till his death, and she died in 1982. 

Jimmy Kirkpatrick had four children. They are- Mike Tyson, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, Rodney Tyson, and Denise Tyson. From that source, it is known that the siblings are not on good terms with each other and hardly ever meet or talk to each other. All of Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s children are well-settled in their life; fortunately, they all do not have to face the hardships that their father did.

Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s Net Worth

The net worth of Jimmy Kirkpatrick is not known to the sources as Jimmy Kirkpatrick had a tough life, and he was never interested in sharing his details with the media. There is not much information that is known about Jimmy Kirkpatrick. Thus, his net worth is not available on the web.

However, his biological son Mike Tyson has an estimated net worth of 3 million USD as of 2023. Earlier, it was claimed that Mike Tyson had a wealth of more than 300 million USD, which made his net worth 10 million USD. However, he lost all his wealth, and now he has a net worth of 3 million USD. 

Jimmy Kirkpatrick Death 

After living for 68 years, Mike Tyson’s biological father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick died in 1992 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, United States of America. To date, the actual reason for his death is not known. However, his demise greatly impacted Mike Tyson, and he lost the heavyweight world championship to Buster Douglas. Not only this, but two years later, Mike Tyson also lost his only sister. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where was Mike Tyson’s father Jimmy Kirkpatrick laid down?

Mike Tyson’s father Jimmy Kirkpatrick died in 1992 due to an unknown cause. His coffin was laid down at Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery in Linden, Union County, New Jersey, United States of America. The actual reason for Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s death is not known to date.

2. Who is Mike Tyson’s biological father?

Even though Mike Tyson had the name of Percel Tyson, a Jamaican taxi driver mentioned in his birth certificate, the truth is that Mike Tyson’s biological father is Jimmy Kirkpatrick and not Percel Tyson. However, Jimmy Kirkpatrick left Mike Tyson when he was 2 years old. Thus, neither he nor his siblings have ever met Jimmy Kirkpatrick in real life. 

3. How old is Mike Tyson?

As of now, the famous American professional boxer Mike Tyson is 56 years old. He is living a satisfied life, and he prefers not to maintain any touch with his siblings.


Jimmy Curlee Kirkpatrick, or Jimmy Kirkpatrick is the biological father of the former American professional boxer Mike Tyson. Since Jimmy Kirkpatrick left his family quite early, there is no relevant information about him on the web. However, his children are well-settled in their lives. 

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