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Jin Sakai actor recreates Ghost of Tsushima’s moves in exhibition match

One of the great attractions and highlights of Ghost of Tsushima, the video game of Sucker Punch that has recently reached both PS4 like PS5 in your version Director’s Cut, is undoubtedly both its setting and its fighting with katanas, all this under a very marked cinematographic prism. Now, the actor after the protagonist Jin Sakai, the specialist Daisuke Tsuji, has made a nice video in which he recreates several dueling scenes with katanas from the game together with Toru Uchikado; and the result could not be more striking.

Simulation of an entire duel with katanas

Thus, and through a video that you can see below, both specialists have recreated several of the most iconic scenes of the Sucker Punch video game, all through a katana duel that is interspersed with sequences of the title for PlayStation consoles, achieving a footage that is worth watching, especially if its theme catches our attention.

The video in question is part of a channel dedicated to the Japanese culture that the video game is often used as an outreach; and the Ghost of Tsushima reference couldn’t be more accurate for the case at hand. Of course, the mastery of the katanas shown by both specialists is more than remarkable, giving rise to truly spectacular sequences.

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