Jiu-jitsu World Champion Shot in the Head

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Leandro Pereira Lo, a jiu-jitsu legend, died at the age of 33 as a result of a gunshot to the head after an argument in a nightclub. According to some local media, the Brazilian had immobilized a drunk man after an argument, and when he was released the drunk took out a gun and pulled the trigger.

The man who fired the shot fled and Leandro Pereira was taken to the hospital, but they could not save the athlete’s life. According to local media, the killer is a member of the Brazilian military.

Leandro Pereira was known in the wrestling world as Leandro Lo. He was still an active star of jiu-jitsu, an unarmed fighting martial art that has become very popular among mixed martial arts fighters for its grappling and submission techniques.

At the age of 14, Leandro Lo began training in a project for young people in need in Sao Paulo and began to stand out until at the age of 23 he won his first lightweight world title. The Brazilian had won the title of world champion eight times and had won in five different categories.

Leandro Lo was at dawn in an exclusive nightclub in Sao Paulo (Brazil), where he was going to witness the presentation of a music group. Apparently, a drunk man annoyed some of those present and the jiu-jitsu champion immobilized him with a classic key of the Brazilian martial art. Once released, the soldier shot the fighter in the head.

The wrestling world mourned the loss of Leandro Lo. “Incredible tragic news about Leandro Lo. Rest in peace a jiu-jitsu legend,” MMA fighter Marc Goddard wrote on Twitter.

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