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Jo Jung Suk Lee Jung Eun Choi Yu Ri in Talks for New Film

Jo Jung Suk Lee Jung Eun Choi Yu Ri in Talks for New Film

Actors Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jung Eun, and Choi Yu Ri are in discussions to star in a new film. On June 20, YTN reported that these talented actors have been approached for roles in the upcoming movie “My Daughter Who Turned Into a Zombie” (literal title).

Jo Jung Suk’s agency, Jam Entertainment, confirmed the news, stating, “Jo Jung Suk has received an offer to star in ‘My Daughter Who Turned Into a Zombie’ and is currently reviewing it positively.” Similarly, Lee Jung Eun’s agency, ANIC ENT, shared, “Lee Jung Eun has also received an offer for the film and is considering it favorably.”

The film is an adaptation of a popular webtoon and will be a comedy. The original webtoon tells the story of a father’s love and struggle as he takes refuge in his mother’s countryside home with his daughter, who has been infected with a zombie virus.

Jo Jung Suk is reportedly being considered for the role of Lee Jung Hwan, a father determined to protect his infected daughter. Lee Jung Eun is in talks to play Kim Bam Soon, Lee Jung Hwan’s mother. Choi Yu Ri, known for her roles as the young Kim Tae Ri in “Alienoid” and the young Na Moon Hee in “Picnic,” is reportedly set to play the infected daughter, Lee Su Ah.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!