Joan Lin- Former Taiwanese Actress and Wife of Jackie Chan

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Joan, the wife of internationally renowned actor Jackie Chan, was once a well-known Taiwanese actress. Her zodiac sign is cancer; Lin Feng-jiao was born on June 30, 1953, in Taipei, Taiwan. She is reportedly 120 lbs. and five ft. 2 inches (165 meters) tall (55 kg). She has lovely black hair and brown eyes. 

The Youth of Joan Lin

 Although Joan Lin is a popular actress, she wasn’t always well off. Taiwan was a sanctuary for the poor at the time of her birth. She was raised without many of life’s comforts because she was born into a poor household, along with her siblings. Her family’s financial situation was so dire that she was forced to leave school at the age of 12 since her parents could no longer afford to pay for her education. But things would ultimately go in her favor when she received an acting role at 19. 

Parents and Siblings of Joan Lin 

Although Lin is a well-known actress with several films to her credit, little is known about her family, particularly her parents and siblings. She was born in Taiwan to a family of seven, and that is the only thing that is known about her. Only that they were destitute is known of her early years, her parents, and her siblings. 


Joan Lin and Jackie Chan Jackie Chan are some of the most famous figures in the entertainment world, and Feng-jiao Lin is best recognized for her marriage to him. He is particularly well-liked in Hollywood, famous for his parts in hit movies like The Spy Next Door, Shanghai, Rush Hour, Noon, Rumble in the Bronx, and Karate Kid, among others. Jackie Chan and Joan Lin started dating shortly after their first 1981 encounter. When they first met, Chan was still a rising celebrity in Hollywood, while Lin was already a well-known figure in Taiwan. A few months after they began dating, Lin became pregnant, which prompted the pair to move to the USA and get hitched. The marriage ceremony, which took place on December 1, 1981, was a hastily planned, low-key affair. They got married in a coffee shop in Los Angeles. Given that Lin gave birth to her kid on December 3, 1981, it is not surprising that they decided to get married quickly before welcoming their child. 

Joan Lin’s Offspring

Given that Joan Lin and Jackie Chan are the parents of a single child, their family is relatively modest. The child, a son, is called Jaycee Chan Joming. 

What happened to the son of Jackie Chan?

Singer and actor Jaycee Chan Joming, 36, is from Hong Kong. His performances in Mandarin and Cantonese are particularly well-known. At the age of 21, Jaycee left school and moved to Hong Kong, at which point he began his profession. He launched his debut CD album in 2004. In the movie Twin Effects II, in which his father had a cameo role, he also made his acting debut. Jaycee continued with his profession, collaborating with his father on several movies. Jaycee’s albums and films generally underperformed, despite Chan’s involvement and the fact that he is a household name in the entertainment business. His arrest and imprisonment in 2014, where he was accused of drug possession and encouraging drug use, severely hampered his career (for inviting friends to smoke marijuana in his apartment). Jaycee is now taking a break from the entertainment business. 

Is Joan Lin and Jackie Chan still a couple?

Yes, Joan Lin and Jackie Chan are still together as of right now. However, many issues have arisen in their marriage, primarily due to Chan cheating on Lin. He was said to have cheated on Lin multiple times, but his relationship with Elaine Ng is the most notorious instance. Eta Ng, born due to romance, is not close to Chan. In addition to the affair and cheating rumors, Chan and Lin’s marriage has had several additional issues, most of which result from the martial arts legend’s darker side. He confessed to having an affair with Elaine, binge drinking, abuse, and other problems. Another problem with the couple’s marriage may be seen in the fact that Joan Lin and Jackie Chan both got married after an unplanned pregnancy for the sake of their son’s future. Chan acknowledged in an interview from 2015 that he felt compelled to wed Joan Lin following the pregnancy.

Nevertheless, the pair is still married despite all their difficulties, particularly the widely reported adultery scandal. 


Seven years after quitting school, Joan Lin began her acting career at 19. Her debut appearance was in The Hero of Chiu Chow. Her acting career was given further opportunities because of the film’s enormous commercial success. She quickly rose to fame and became well-known in Taiwan’s entertainment sector as her star began to soar. She appeared in 70 films overall during her ten-year career. Shaolin Vengeance, My Native Land, The Battle for the Republic of China, The Story of A Small Town, Devil Returns, He Never Gives Up, and other famous movies she has starred in are just a few. Lin stopped working in the entertainment business after moving to the US and marrying Jackie Chan. Even if she did not become a Hollywood star at that point, she had already established herself and is still a star in Taiwan and other nations where her films are well-liked. 

Net worth 

There is little information regarding Joan Lin’s past earnings because her career was based in Taiwan, and she hasn’t worked in the entertainment business in decades. Her net worth, however, is rather large, given that she was one of the top stars in Taiwan’s entertainment sector.

She has a sizable amount of marital fortune because she is married to Jackie Chan, one of the highest-paid actors in the world. With a $58 million yearly paycheck, Chan was one of the top 100 celebrity earners, according to Forbes, in 2019. Joan Lin lives a luxurious life because Chan’s net worth in 2019 was about $400 million. 

Jackie Chan’s wife, Joan Lin, is primarily recognized for this role. But this famous former actress is much more than that. And even though she hasn’t been in a major motion picture for a while, her contributions to Taiwan’s film industry are still well-known today. Even more astounding is how she persevered through adversity over the years, including poverty that caused her to drop out of school, an unplanned birth while she was still single, and a difficult marriage due to her husband’s extramarital affair.

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