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Joe Biden had a benign colon polyp removed but found to be precancerous

To the American President, Joe Biden, they took a one 3mm polyp that had lodged in the colon. As officially reported, the injury looks benigno, but potentially cancerous although it will not require further action.

It’s about a adenoma tubularwrote Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, the president’s physician, in a report released Wednesday by the White House, following a routine examination he underwent last week with a colonoscopy.

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What is a tubular adenoma, the polyp that was removed from Joe Biden

Tubular adenoma is “a benign, slow-growing lesion, but it is believed to be precancerous,” although no further action is required at this time, the report continued.

The polyp was sent to a laboratory for analysis and “is similar to the polyp that had been removed in 2008″ Said the White House specialist. O’Connor specifies that the US president should undergo a new colonoscopy in a period of 7 to 10 years.

The day Kamala Harris briefly assumed presidential power

Biden briefly transferred her position to Vice President Kamala Harris last Friday so she could undergo a medical examination, making her the first woman to hold presidential power in American history.

Biden, what turned 79 last week and he is the oldest president in the history of the country, he is still “Healthy and vigorous” and fit to hold office, O’Connor said in his report.

A break for Thanksgiving

The president arrived on Tuesday on the luxurious island of Nantucket to rest for a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday. According to local media, Biden spent almost every year since the 1970s on Thanksgiving with his wife Jill on that island off the coast of Massachusetts. This Thursday, I could be more grateful than ever.

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The past 10 days were his best in office in several months, stemming a relentless tide of bad news that saw his approval ratings drop to 43%, according to the FiveThirtyEight site average.

Last week enacted a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that his Democratic Party, divided between centrists and radicals, almost failed.

Democrats again overcame their differences to pass an even bigger bill on social spending in the House of Representatives and send it to the Senate.

During the same period, Biden held summits with Chinese President Xi Jinping and the leaders of Canada and Mexico, served Thanksgiving turkey to troops in North Carolina and forgave two other turkeys in a ceremony.

In addition, her press secretary, Jen Psaki, confirmed that her boss intends to seek reelection in 2024, despite rumors to the contrary.

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