Joe Biden’s Sister Endorses Meghan Markle to join Democrats 

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What might at first seem far-fetched may be taking shape. Perhaps, even, it was one of the reasons why the Sussex happened, although they had to wait a while (and an unfortunate pandemic in between) to be able to make the definitive leap. Meghan Markle is positioning herself to enter politics and there she would be welcomed with open arms.

If this issue had to be addressed recently after the Duchess of Sussex signed Miranda Barbot, who was Barack Obama’s Public Relations adviser before being re-elected US president for his second term, now it has been from within the party who have approved the possibility of him swelling its ranks.

Prince Harry’s wife has been, for a few moments, the protagonist of the interview they have done on the Good Morning Britain program to Valerie Biden Owens, 76, the little sister of President Joe Biden and above all, his right hand: he has directed the seven campaigns for the Senate of his brother, two of his previous presidential campaigns and today is one of his closest advisers.

Thus, when asked if Meghan Markle would be a “good candidate for the presidency” she did not hesitate to answer quite excitedly: “Yes, of course it could be! Come on, of course it would be.” Some exultant words that the political strategist, who is promoting her latest book, Growing Up Biden: A Memoir, did not hesitate to explain.

“It’s wonderful that there are more and more women in politics. The more women inside, the better our democratic system will function. But because we have another point of view, something different. And we welcome all the women and invite them to join the Democratic Party,” Joe Biden’s sister added.

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Perhaps the only thing Meghan lacks is time, given that for now she is very focused on raising Archie and Lilibet, but surely if it is really her intention to enter politics, we will soon see her at the rallies.

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