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Joe Jonas Sought Brothers’ Blessings for Upcoming Solo Album

Joe Jonas is back in the spotlight, this time on his own. The 34-year-old announced on July 10 that he will release a new single, “Work It Out,” on July 19.

He shared the news during an appearance on Jake Shane’s Therapuss, where he also provided insights into his forthcoming solo album.

Joe revealed that “Work It Out” was initially considered for a Jonas Brothers album but felt a stronger personal connection to the track.

“I was listening to it and thought, ‘Damn, I really like this song.’ Somehow, I felt it was meant for me—separate from the Brothers or even DNCE,” Joe explained.

Trusting his instincts, he sought his brothers’ blessings to pursue a solo project.

“I asked my brothers for their approval. I told them, ‘I want to work on this on my own. I don’t think it’s right for DNCE either. I need to express myself through this song.’ They were supportive. Nick was busy with a movie, and Kevin was set for another season of Claim To Fame. So, I had some time, and I locked myself away to create.”

In just two to three weeks, Joe crafted a deeply personal album. He collaborated with artists such as Alexander 23, Muna’s Josette Maskin, Jason Evigan, Tommy English, and Paris Carney. Reflecting on the experience, Joe described it as “the most personal music I’ve ever put out.”

Excited to share his new music, Joe posted a serene mountain and lake landscape video on Instagram.

“I’m both excited and emotional as I prepare to release new music,” he wrote.

“I’m humbled and grateful to collaborate with some of my favorite musicians and creators. I hope you find as much happiness and peace as I do when you listen to these songs.”

Hints of Joe’s return to solo music emerged in March when he posted a clip captioned, “The way I would’ve bodied this trend if I weren’t in the studio working on something new.”

The following day, he teased a 13-second video featuring his collaborators playing guitar in the studio.

Joe’s solo journey marks a significant departure from his work with the Jonas Brothers and DNCE.

The journey begins with “Work It Out,” co-written with Blush and Evigan. Joe gave fans a glimpse of the song’s inspiring chorus on Therapuss, singing, “Get up, get up, get up, get up / What are you whining about? / No, nobody’s gonna save you now / No, nobody’s gonna pull you out / Brush your shoulders off.”

It’s been 13 years since Joe released his solo album Fast Life, which featured the Chris Brown-penned “See No More” and peaked at No. 92 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 15 on the Billboard 200.

While Joe hasn’t announced an exact release date for the new album, he mentioned it would be out “later this year” with more tracks to be released before the full album drops.

Listen to Joe Jonas’ full Therapuss episode here.

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