Joey King and Jacob Elordi together in the first trailer for Kissing Booth 3

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There is less and less to the premiere of the third film of The Kisses Stand, which will be in charge of closing the trilogy on the streaming service Netflix. It is a very special case, since the saga has managed to surpass other series, not only for its history, but also for having actors loved by fans such as Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney.

What is The Kissing Stand 3 about? This is the synopsis offered by the platform: “In the summer before leaving for college, Elle faces the hardest decision of her life: move to the other side of the country with Noah, her amazing boyfriend, or fulfill her lifelong promise to go to college with Lee, his best friend. Which one of you will break his heart in the last installment of this trilogy? “.

“I can’t wait. It was a lot of fun to shoot and I love seeing great moments on camera, it’s really fun to watch it from there.”, assured King In an interview. There he revealed: “We meet Elle having a big dilemma at the end of Kissing Booth 2. She presents some pretty serious challenges throughout the third movie.”.

The tapes of The Kissing Booth They are based on the self-published novels by Beth Reekles and their new adaptation for strreaming will be in charge of Vince Marcello, who is a screenwriter and director. In addition to Joey, Elordi and Courtney, they are expected to return Taylor Zakhar Perez, Molly Ringwald, Meganne Young, Maisie Richardson-Sellers y más. Check out the full preview!

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+ When does El Stand de los Besos 3 premiere?

In the last days of April, the big announcement came with a play on words by Joey King and Joel Courtney in the middle of a video in which Netflix presented their films until August. It was there that it was finally confirmed that The Kissing Stand will premiere on August 11.

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