Joey King appeared in a Taylor Swift video – which one is it?

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The trilogy of The Kisses Stand was the one that launched Joey King to international fame. In these tapes, the actress played the lead, Elle Evans, and wowed a large crowd. So much so that, today, it is positioned as one of the most beloved Hollywood stars in the industry. His talent, his spontaneity and his freshness gave the screen a new air that was able to capture younger people.

However, after the success of The Kisses Stand, Joey King also shone in The Act. Despite the fact that the interpreter has an extensive curriculum in her career, these two productions are the ones that stand out the most. In the second, which is a series based on a true story, he managed to show all his versatility as he left the high school teenager aside to give life to an evil young woman.

Joey King en The Act. Photo Credits: (HULU)

But, King has great performances in her career and, one of them completely ties her to Taylor Swift. This is because it was Joey herself who confessed that, when he was younger, he was part of one of the singer’s video clips. It’s about the audiovisual of the song Mean, which premiered in 2010, when the actress was only nine years old and was just beginning her acting life.

The last music video I did was when I was nine years old and I did the Taylor Swift music video for Mean.“He said at the 2020 MTV Music Awards, then added:”I mean honestly it’s a huge flex”. In this clip, King gives life to a little girl who is harassed by her other classmates and has no good time.

Secondly, Joey King She also said, in an interview with Rolling Stone, that this video was made the day before she had to shave her head to film The dark knight. “I needed to shave my head the next day for the movie“, He pointed out and, in turn, said:”we programmed it so that I could be in the music video and she (Taylor) was so amazing and so sweet”.

Also, according to the experience that the actress had when sharing the set with Swift, it was unforgettable. “I was incredibly excited. It was the best day of my life”He snapped at Rolling Stone. And, without a doubt, seeing them together again in a video or movie would be epic because they are both incredible in what they do.


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