Joey King confirmed what all The Kissing Booth fans wanted to know

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On August 11, Netflix gave a definitive closure to The Kisses Stand. After two successful films, Joey King reverted to Elle for a third feature film. And, on this occasion, the protagonist had to make a difficult decision: break the heart of her boyfriend or her best friend when deciding which University to enter.

Although as it goes The Kisses Stand, Elle discovers her true self and desire. However, the ending of the film left fans of this story and the fictional romance between Jacob Elordi and King wanting more. So much so that, from the day after the premiere, they do not stop asking for a new installment to see, perhaps, more adults to the main characters.

It should be noted that, in the last minutes of the delivery, Lee and Rachel announced their marriage, while Elle and Noah were reunited after six years. However, in a recent interview for The New York Times, Joey spoke and confirmed the news that all fans wanted to know: a possible new movie.

Joey King confirmed if there will be a new Kissing Booth movie:

During the interview with the aforementioned portal, King began by saying: “I started these movies when I was 17 years old. We hoped that someone would see it and enjoy it”. That is, the success it generated The Kisses Stand It was an absolute surprise for the entire cast: “We never imagined the impact it was going to have. I never get tired of playing Elle, it’s too much fun“Said the actress.

Joel Courtney y Joey King. Photo Credits: (@joeyking)

Anyway, as much as these words opened the possibility of a new movie, Joey King does not see it as feasible. “Seeing that the story closed so perfectly, with a beautiful bun, makes me think that it will be very difficult to come back after that. We made the necessary ending, explained and remarked: “I would like to play Elle again, but I think her story has already reached the last chapter”.

So much so that the artist, who just catapulted herself to international fame with The Kisses Stand expressed his wish to fans. “I hope people want to see me in other roles, because I have carefully selected the projects that I want to do from now on.“, Hill.

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