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Joey Walser and Blake Allison Prepare for New Devour the Day EP

On Friday, July 12, Devour the Day will release their latest collection of new songs, Fragments of Us. Ahead of that, founding members Joey “Chicago” Walser and Blake Allison joined Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights to celebrate all that is happening in the life of the band.

“When you’re young, you dream of all the different things like being onstage and having music on the radio and those things,” Walser told Chuck on Tuesday night (July 9).

“But I think for us, there was always this lifestyle that we would be able to get up and make music every day and then watch cool movies and eat good food and go to bed. And somewhere along the lines, it turned into that.”

Walser admitted that what he is doing today with Devour the Day — along with collaborating and working with other artists — is a dream come true.

Allison agreed with his bandmate as he reflected on the start of Devour the Day back in 2012.

“At the time, we were writing new songs for the next Egypt Central record and the band broke up and we just shifted gears and knew that we were not going to stop creating,” he explained.

“We’re going to keep going.”

Walser added that it would have been detrimental to them if they decided to stop writing and creating music for one simple but incredibly significant reason.

“Once you establish 10 years of therapeutically dealing with your life through writing songs,” he said, “it would have been really strange to just stop doing that.”

As Allison and Walser prepare for Fragments of Us, they took a moment to tell the Loudwire Nights family why they’re grateful to still be here releasing new music as Devour the Day.

“Our fanbase and the people that listen to our music and connect to our music, they deserve all the credit,” Walser said.

“If it wasn’t for them listening to our music… we wouldn’t be able to continue.”

Allison agreed, but he also shared another reason that’s made it easy for Walser and him to keep working together years after Egypt Central initially broke up.

“He and I are best friends and I think that has been a big part of all this,” he said.

“Joey and I have been working together on music and anything related around music every day and that just comes with a dynamic where if we weren’t best friends, it would be that much harder.”

Ahead of the EP release, the duo discussed the reasons behind releasing an EP rather than a full-length album and shared details about their new song “Empty.”

Walser and Allison highlighted how “Empty” serves as a good indicator of what fans should expect from the rest of Fragments of Us.

They also delved into the meaning behind another new song, “Outsider,” and expressed their hopes that it will resonate with their listeners.

The pair continue living their dream of making music every day, thankful for their strong bond and dedicated fanbase. The release of Fragments of Us marks another significant milestone in their musical journey, filled with passion and gratitude.

Source: Loudwire