Johana Tablada, Deputy Director General for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry: “The Biden government was enthusiastic about Trump’s policy”

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From the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Cuba they denounce that the US administration of Joe Biden, which was installed last January, has not made changes with respect to the hard line established by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

During the Trump administration (2017-2021), the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the US has had against Cuba for more than six decades, joined 243 unilateral coercive measures against the island, of them, 55 only in 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. These policies remain in effect.

“The Biden government was enthusiastic about Trump’s policy, it must be said that way,” says Johana Tablada, deputy director general for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

According to the official, “somehow someone made them believe that now” they were going to be successful in Cuba; “That those 62 years of blockade, with Trump’s 243 measures, deliberately and surgically aimed at making Cuba collapse and limiting the income and livelihood of its entire population, that this was going to work.”

Tablada explains that this position was further strengthened “when they saw the riots that occurred on July 11,” which were accompanied “with a brutal disinformation campaign.”

The official points out that the continuity of the policy against Havana by Biden is due to “a combination of inability to develop an agenda of your own“and” weakness also in the face of extreme sectors, which have historically failed in their political objectives of aggression against Cuba, but which insist on them. “

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Added to this, he adds, “the inability he had to fulfill his electoral promises”, in relation to restarting the thaw with Cuba, which had already been launched during the administration of Barack Obama.

According to Tablada, in maintaining this policy Senator Bob Menéndez plays an important role, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the US Senate, who, in his opinion, “subordinates any interest of his party, subordinates any interest of the US, by conditioning any support” in Congress.

Protests in support of Cuba

During the weekend, there were demonstrations in various countries, including the US and Canada, to demand the end of Washington’s blockade against Cuba.

In the US there were mobilizations in Miami, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, New York, Washington, Seattle and Las Vegas; while in Canada the demonstrations were held in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

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