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Johanna San Miguel and her reaction after Hugo Garcia’s nomination for “The 100 most beautiful faces in the world 2021” | VIDEO – The Trade

In the recent broadcast of “This is War”, Johanna San Miguel and Gian Piero Díaz took a few minutes to publicly congratulate Luciana Fuster and Hugo García for the nomination they achieved in the contest “The 100 most beautiful faces in the world 2021”.

The host asked the members of “This is War” to approach her to show them a note they prepared about her nomination.

“Wow, what pride, how beautiful for the program, for all the people who follow them”, Johanna said excitedly after seeing the report.

For his part, Gian Piero Díaz reminded the public of the way in which they could vote for Peruvians in the international contest. “There are the networks so that they can vote, please, so that they vote for Hugo or Luciana they have to give ‘like’ and comment on their photo”, he pointed.

After that, Johanna stressed that Hugo was embarrassed by his nomination, but clarified that behind the scenes his attitude is different.

“It gives you roche, in front of the camera he is humble, but behind the camera (you say) respect the face”, the figure from América TV commented with laughter. “Hugo plays humble, but he’s happy to be nominated”Luciana added.

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