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John Bishop Faces Backlash for Rescheduling Show to Watch Euro 2024 Final

John Bishop has stirred mixed reactions among his fans by rescheduling his upcoming comedy gig to watch England play in the Euro 2024 final.

The Three Lions are set to face Spain in the tournament’s final match at 8 PM on Sunday, July 14. Coincidentally, this was the same time the 57-year-old comedian was scheduled to perform at The Halls in Wolverhampton as part of his “Back At It” tour.

Following Ollie Watkins’ dramatic 90th-minute goal that secured England a 2-1 win over the Netherlands in the Euro semi-final, Bishop quickly took to social media to address his Wolverhampton audience, informing them that his gig would be rescheduled.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Bishop stated: “This is a message to all the people coming to Wolverhampton on Sunday. I’m not doing the show at eight o’clock. The show is gonna get moved to the afternoon. You’re all going to get an email in the morning telling you the time.”

The comedian clarified that refunds would be available for anyone unable to attend the rescheduled gig but defended his decision to alter the performance time.

“We’re definitely going to move the time to Sunday afternoon,” he reiterated. “Cause there’s no chance I’m going to be doing it at eight o’clock because I’m gonna be busy watching these boys.”

Many England supporters praised Bishop’s choice to adjust his gig for the Euro final. However, other ticket holders were angered by the decision to prioritize a football match over his commitment to the show.

One person commented, “Good windup. Because you wouldn’t be so inconsiderate to move your show to watch a game of football and for all the people that’s planned to come and see you for months just to screw them over, come on JB.”

Another added, “I wish I had a job where I could change the time I start, at the cost of disrupting a few thousand people, to watch a football match.”

This incident follows James Corden’s delay of his performance in Matthew Warchus’ “The Constituent” at The Old Vic on Saturday, July 6. Corden postponed the start of his show to watch England’s penalty shootout against Switzerland in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals.

“We will just watch the England penalties then get into this serious play,” the “Gavin and Stacey” star told his audience. He even brought out his iPad to share the tense moment with the entire theatre audience.

Corden’s decision also sparked mixed reactions, with some fans delighted by his candid approach and others frustrated by the delay.

Bishop’s rescheduling brings up interesting conversations about the intersection of sports and entertainment. The fervor for national events like the Euro 2024 often causes disruptions in the regular flow of scheduled activities, sometimes leading to divided opinions among fans and attendees.

In this case, some might argue that Bishop’s decision shows his genuine enthusiasm and support for his national team, reflecting a shared sentiment among millions of English football fans. Conversely, others see it as a professional commitment that should not waver due to external hobbies, regardless of their popularity.

The rescheduled performance will undoubtedly bring relief to some who can now enjoy both the comedy gig and the football final. However, it has also left a portion of his fanbase disgruntled, feeling that their long-awaited plans have been disrupted. As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.

As these instances demonstrate, the love for football in nations like England runs deep, often influencing decisions in various domains, including entertainment. For now, it appears John Bishop is betting on his fans’ understanding and shared passion for the beautiful game.

Only time will tell how this decision impacts his relationship with his audience and whether the rescheduled gig will compensate for the initial inconvenience caused.

In the end, football and comedy both bring joy to people’s lives, and Bishop has chosen to prioritize his commitment to both in a single day. Whether this decision earns him praise or criticism, it undeniably highlights the unique cultural moments that such national sports events create.

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