John Krasinski and his relationship with the new director for “A Quiet Place 3”

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John Krasinski and his relationship with the new director for "A Quiet Place 3"

A peaceful place is emerging as one of the most promising franchises in the Paramount studio. International critics have praised his second installment and the public, eager to see how the story of the Abbot family, has gone en masse to cinemas around the world, collecting very good figures despite being still emerging from the pandemic. All this, knowing that the first installment was not planned as a series of films, far from it, even its protagonist Emily Blunt doubted the reception of the public, because among other things it is a feature film with very few conventional dialogues. Fortunately, the public knew how to value bravery, history and interpretation of the cast members until they are already looking forward to the third part. However, Krasinski will not repeat in command of the production, leaving the work to Jeff Nichols, the new director of A quiet place 3.

But why not continue directing a third part, when you have already directed the previous two? And why Jeff Nichols? When asked about the story of the third part, Krasinski jokes “I came up with the idea.” The cool Jim in The office He never considered taking the role of filmmaker again, other than being a huge fan of Nichols’ work. Specifically tape Mud of the director is the one that Krasinski is most passionate about: “Truly, the only person I had in mind when they asked me if I would do this (the project of A peaceful place) was Jeff (Nichols). I think he is one of the best filmmakers, Mud It is one of my favorite movies, and it’s very real and intimate. It’s exactly the kind of pictures we paint in A Quiet Place: very organic characters that you fall in love with ”.

Building on Krasinski’s original idea, the new director of A quiet place 3 he will write his own script about which nothing is known yet. “Will the Abbots continue? Who knows! No, I’ll tell you what it is… I’m very excited about the third installment because going to do something we haven’t done before”Concluded the creator of the silent universe.

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