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John Mayer “Blessed” to Be on Zach Bryan’s New Album ‘The Great American Bar Scene’

Zach Bryan is receiving high praise from none other than John Mayer. Some might roll their eyes, but Mayer is not just the pop star behind “Daughters.” His latest work proves he’s one of the greatest guitar players of his generation.

If you’ve listened to Zach Bryan’s new album, *The Great American Bar Scene*, then you’ve already experienced some of Mayer’s talent. The 46-year-old artist plays guitar riffs and provides backing vocals on the song “Better Days,” a standout track on the album.

Bryan first teased a collaboration with Mayer before deleting it, sparking curiosity among fans. Eventually, the secret was out when Bryan brought Mayer on stage for a vibrant performance of their unreleased song along with a guitar battle during “Revival.”

After the performance, Mayer praised Bryan for tapping into something special with his fanbase. His admiration continued when he shared a link to their new song “Better Days” on social media. Mayer has a way with words, and he didn’t hold back in expressing his feelings about the collaboration:

“‘Better Days’ by Zach Bryan and me off Zach’s new album *The Great American Bar Scene* is out now. I always knew this song Zach wrote was special. I had no idea how beautiful, powerful, and deep an album it would be a part of. I’m stunned. I’m blessed to have been able to fulfill my dreams of making music.”

Mayer continued, “What I never saw coming: to be asked to play with an artist as deeply tapped-in as Zach Bryan is. Thank you for inviting me into your dream-coming-true.”

Their collaboration hits it out of the park with “Better Days.” As a Mayer fan, one might be biased, but this track arguably stands out as the best song on the album.

Take a listen:


Source: Particle News, Twitter