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John Schneider Reunites with General Lee After His Was Stolen

John Schneider, renowned for his iconic role in “Dukes of Hazzard,” recently took to Facebook to share distressing news: his beloved General Lee car was stolen. This classic Dodge Charger was particularly special to Schneider as it was a gift from his late wife, Alicia Allain, who passed away from cancer last year.

The actor found solace in reuniting with a similar vehicle owned by his friend. Schneider remains hopeful about retrieving his stolen car and believes he has a clue about the perpetrator’s identity.

Schneider shared a photo on Facebook, showing himself with two General Lees in the background — one from “Dukes of Hazzard” and another from different shows. “Great to be reunited with Dukes of Hazzard television car number 28! My friend Joe Caldwell owns this guy right now. And this one… Is owned by Rick Lakatos and is in amazing shape,” he captioned.

The actor seemed delighted as he posed with a bright smile in front of the orange cars. “This General came from both the 2005 and 2007 movies! Great to see the General Lees!!!” he mentioned. Fans quickly chimed in with supportive comments, encouraging him to remain hopeful about finding his own car. One fan commented, “That must be such a great feeling John! I’m sure it brings back a ton of memories for you!”

Schneider’s quest to find the thief took an intriguing turn when a fan from Mississippi hinted at the possible identity of the suspect. Although Schneider has yet to verify the name, he has passed the information on to the authorities. He expressed feelings of shock and betrayal upon learning about the possible identity of the thief.
THE DUKES OF HAZZARD: HAZZARD IN HOLLYWOOD, John Schneider, 2000, (c)Warner Bros. Television/courtesy Everett Collection

He called on his followers to provide any information they might have and to stay vigilant for sightings of his car, hoping for a speedy recovery. Schneider’s fans rallied behind him, showing their support and keeping a lookout for the stolen vehicle.

Despite this setback, the 64-year-old actor remains active in his career. Schneider, who found fame at just 18 with his role as Bo Derek in “Dukes of Hazzard,” currently runs John Schneider Studios (JSS) in Holden, Louisiana. The studio supports independent filmmakers, continuing Schneider’s passion for the entertainment industry.

Source: Reuters, The Associated Press