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John Stamos’ 6-Year-Old Son Joins Him Onstage for Beach Boys Drum Duet!

It looks like John Stamos’ six-year-old son, Billy, inherited his dad’s musical talents.

The actor has been busy with the Beach Boys Endless Summer Gold 2024 Tour, which kicked off in February. During a July 5th stop, he called his son to the stage to help him drum for Good Vibrations. Billy put on a remarkable performance.

In a video posted on John’s Instagram page, Billy sits next to his dad and keeps the beat on the cymbals and drums while wearing a smile and a pair of green headphones.

“Great job Billy…another drummer enters the family,” a fan cheered in the comment section.

“He will remember that forever!” wrote another. “What a wonderful experience for both of you! You’re such a great dad!”

John Stamos became friends with the Beach Boys members during his tenure on Full House. And while he isn’t a formal bandmate, he has played drums and guitar and sang with them dozens of times over the decades, with his first live guest appearance dating back to July 4, 1985.

John also appeared in the band’s 1992 Problem Child music video and sang lead vocals when the Beach Boys re-recorded their hit Forever for their Summer in Paradise album.

This wasn’t Billy’s first performance with the Beach Boys either. In March 2023, he joined John Stamos for a guitar duet.

John Stamos traveled with the band’s current tour from May 30 to June 20 and then made appearances from July 5th through July 7th. He’ll be rejoining them from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, according to ABC News. That means Billy may have another chance to duet with his dad!

This story’s featured image is by Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock.

Source: Instagram, ABC News