John Textor, from the Oscars to European football

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Lisbon, Oct 22 (EFE) .- He makes a fortune, he has eight Oscars for special effects, he created the Michael Jackson hologram, he is a soccer fan and in August he bought 18% of the Crystal Palace. It is John Textor, who yesterday resumed negotiations to buy 25% of Benfica, which would mean a disbursement of 31 million euros.

Textor’s first approach to Benfica took place through the businessman José António dos Santos, known in Portugal as “El rey del frango (chicken)”, from whom he wanted to buy a total of 5,750,000 shares, that is, 25% of society.

However, by then, last July, both dos Santos and Vieira had already been arrested and accused of different crimes of corruption, with, allegedly, serious damage to both the Portuguese State and Benfica, among other entities.

The operation did not go ahead, since Rui Costa, vice president with Vieira who assumed the position of interim president after his resignation, decided to stop the sale until the new board of directors was defined.

And it was on Thursday when the long-awaited meeting was held at the request of the American investor and philanthropist, which could mean the landing of Jonh Textor in Portuguese football and an important starting point to catapult the Benfica brand.

At the moment, there has already been a first meeting and in a next step, as reported by the Portuguese club, Text will communicate its intentions with Benfica, so that the management can analyze them.


On his Twitter account he has more than 13 million followers, many more than the vast majority of footballers in the main European leagues.

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A philanthropist who bets on soccer academies, such as FC Florida, and who has also made a niche for himself in the television platform industry through “fuboTV”, which specializes in live broadcasting, especially sporting events. .

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