John Wick 4 Release Date Delayed! Here Is When It Will Drop!

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Unfortunately, we have some bad news for all John Wick lovers. The much-awaited movie in the Keanu Reeves franchise was supposed to be dropped in the theatres on Memorial Day 2022, but sadly the creators dropped a piece of painful news recently. Here is all we know about John Wick 4 release date, cast, plot, and more.

After the incredible popularity of John Wick movies, Keanu Reeves has turned out to be one of the dominating players in the world of entertainment, and with every new creation, it’s getting even bigger. Reeves recently reported to radiotimes that several plans for the future of the franchise. In an interview, Reeves said, “They are really fun. They are incredibly insane. We are going for it.”

John Wick is currently one of the trending movie series grabbing the attention of millions of fans. It’s an American neo-noir thriller media franchise producing quality movies. Starring Keanu Reeves as none other than John Wick, the franchise is insanely popular. The first movie debut back in 2014 and till now we have three movies from the franchise. With an IMDb rating of over 8, the fans are curious about John Wick 4. So, when is the four installments actually dropping? Here is all we know.

John Wick has turned out to be one of the greatest series of all time. Comprising of all pieces of entertainment include thrill, action, drama, and drops of comedy, John Wick is a fan-favorite movie series. John Wick 3 was an absolute treat for the fans and now they are clamoring for the next installment. However, like many shows and movies, John Wick 4’s production too experienced a lot of delays. The schedule of filming experienced a tide of delays. So, the fans were left craving for the new installment. If you are one of them, you are at the right stop as here in this article we have covered everything we know about John Wick 4.

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John Wick 4 Release Date – When Will The New Movie Drop?

Previously, the officials reported that John Wick 4 will be debuting on May 21, 2022. However, the recent updates are pretty disappointing. Back last week, Hollywoodreporter revealed that Keanu Reeves’s upcoming venture John Wick 4’s release date has been shifted to March 23, 2023. This announcement came following the recent impact of Covid-19’s omicron variant. Thus the official release date of John Wick 4 has experienced multiple delays. As of now, the final release date is confirmed as March 23, 2023.

John Wick 4 Cast – Who Will Be In The New Movie?

The central character of the movie John Wick will be back as the ex-hitman. We will witness more action from Keanu Reeves as John Wick. The fan-favorite stars Lance Reddick and Ian McShane will be back as Winston.

Apart from them, a list of new stars will join the new movie. The list includes Stowaway’s Shamier Anderson, Rogue One star Donnie Yen, Clancy Brown, Scott Adkins, Rina Sawayama, and Hiroyuki Sanada.

This Key Cast Member Will Return For John Wick 4

John Wick 4 Plot – What Will Happen In The New Movie?

John Wick 3 was a big hit. So, the fans are expecting grander bombs in the new movie. Though the creators preferred to keep the plot details of John Wick 4 a secret, after a lot of research we have tried to cover the story details of John Wick 4.

John Wick 4 will most likely pick up the plot after the third installment. It’s time for a final verdict as John has a bounty of $14 million on his head. Wick surpassed a storm of ruthless attacks from the most deadly assassins. While most believe

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d he is dead, Wick managed to see another day. Now, it’s the time for rage. It’s time to witness a war never seen before. John Wick is against the High Table organization. So, John Wick 4 will set up the ultimate battle between the criminal council and the deadly assassin.

John Wick 4 Trailer – Is There Any Official Trailer?

As of now, there is no trailer for John Wick 4. We will update you once the creators drop the official teaser of the trailer of John Wick 4. In the meantime, you can watch the John Wick 3 trailer below –