John Wick 5 in the Works: Lionsgate Confirms Latest Installment of Action Film Series

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Lionsgate Confirms Development of John Wick 5

Lionsgate confirmed that the development of John Wick 5 is currently in the early stages during a fourth quarter 2023 earnings call. Joe Drake, the president of Lionsgate, detailed that the studio is currently working on expanding the franchise beyond the movies. Drake also confirmed that there will be a spin-off titled The Continental, which is expected to premiere soon, while three more new John Wick projects are also in development.

Ballerina Spin-off: More Details
Ballerina is one of the upcoming projects as a spin-off focused on a ballet dancer trained to kill, with Ana de Armas playing the lead. While promoting John Wick 4 at Comic Con Experience 2022, Keanu Reeves revealed more details about the story, stating that it follows “a young murderer seeking revenge against the people who killed her family.” Furthermore, Len Wiseman will direct the film, and Shay Hatten is the screenwriter.

Chad Stahelski, the director of all the John Wick films, stated that having a new director on board could provide a fresh perspective concerning action design, settings, and character involvement. However, he also mentioned that the level of competition and the style of action would remain consistent with previous installments.

What to Expect from John Wick 5
Fans are eagerly anticipating John Wick 5, and the confirmation that it’s currently in development marks a new chapter of the story. Given that the protagonist appeared to have reached his end in the last movie, his fate remains a secret, but it appears that his journey is far from over. Only time will tell what the upcoming projects have in store for the iconic hitman, so fans must buckle up and wait for more information.

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