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John Wick Director's New Film Starts Filming Soon

John Wick Director’s New Film Starts Filming Soon

John Wick director Chad Stahelski has an exciting lineup of projects, but his immediate focus is on the Highlander reboot. According to Collider, filming is scheduled to begin in January.

Currently enjoying the Mediterranean Film Festival in Malta, Stahelski mentioned in an interview with Collider that he will soon fly to Scotland for a reconnaissance trip.

“We start shooting in January in Scotland, that’s why I go right after I leave. I go to Scotland on Monday to do the final location scout,” Stahelski revealed.

Stahelski, renowned for his extensive career in stunts, is stepping into a different realm with this film. The movie will follow “an immortal Scottish swordsman who faces off with other immortal warriors to obtain a coveted ability,” as described by IMDb.

“Swords, to me, are one of the trickiest things to do in fight scenes,” Stahelski shared with Collider. While the digital aspect of muzzle flashes in gunfights means “we don’t have to worry about hurting anyone,” swords present a different challenge.

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“Swords are trickier because I have to trust that my actors are swinging this piece of metal at each other without causing injury,” Stahelski explained. “In every sword movie, somebody gets poked or hit on the head. It requires more skill and dedication.”

As of now, the only confirmed cast member is Henry Cavill, who will take on the film’s lead role.

Source: Collider